WebsterLEADS | Webster University


Scholarship, Leadership & Global Citizenship

WebsterLEADS is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens. Through a collaborative process between our students, staff, faculty, and the communities where we live and serve, we prepare our students with the knowledge, education and development to assume leadership on campus, in society and in the global workforce.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Recognizing and expanding upon the skills and gifts students posses.
  • Creating environments that foster personal reflection, significant relationships, diverse points of view, and student learning.
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop and apply their own philosophy and approach to leadership.
  • Expecting students to serve as role models and educators within the Webster University community worldwide.

Students participating in WebsterLEADS will experience five unique programs and elect to repeat their choice of two. Each component focuses on a different layer of student leadership education.

WebsterLeads Contact

240 Edgar Road
St. Louis, MO 63119

(314) 246-5323