Getting Started

The most frequently asked question is this: When can I join the program?

WebsterLEADS is continuously accepting new students for enrollment, and we can help integrate and catch you up at any point. However, starting early is highly recommended in order to take advantage of the on-going opportunities within WebsterLEADS and to provide you sufficient time and flexibility to complete the Certificate.

To set up a meeting and learn more about the program, contact the Program Coordinator/Program Director at your primary campus - or the campus where you are studying abroad:

St. Louis Campus:
Devin Marie Seltz
Graduate Assistant, Leadership & Learning
Program Coordinator, WebsterLEADS - St. Louis

John Buck, D.Mgt.
Associate Dean of Students
Program Director, WebsterLEADS - St. Louis

Vienna Campus:
Ms. Jutta Pedigo
Student Affairs Coordinator
Program Director, WebsterLEADS - Vienna
+43 1 269 92 93-4

Leiden Campus:
Christine Benninger
Student Services Coordinator
Program Director, WebsterLEADS - Leiden
+071 516 8000

Geneva Campus:
Kerry Grummert
Director of Student Affairs
Program Director, WebsterLEADS - Geneva
+41 22 959 8007