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WINS partners send their students all around the world of Webster. We have so many great videos, blogs and testimonials from our study abroad alumni network.

Amani in LeidenWhile studying at Tuskegee University in Montgomery, Alabama, Amani Lilton chose to spend a semester abroad at Webster Leiden during the Spring. This is one of her favorite photos walking around Leiden when the weather was changing and becoming warmer. Amani encourages all students to study abroad and says that she loves the city which is "is full of beauty especially the poems of different languages and native structures of the buildings."



Josie - Vienna FA16“By being a part of the WINS program, I had the opportunity to study at a university completely different from my own, while taking classes to keep me on track for graduation. The transition from my home university to Webster could not have gone more smoothly- all of the classes satisfied those for my major at my home campus! I studied with great professors, all of whom had an incredible amount of worldly experience in their fields, and pushed me to consider taking my studies and career outside of the US. My German language professor was an incredible teacher and genuinely wants her students to learn the language When I got to Austria I couldn’t remember how to say “Goodbye” in German, but by the second term I could almost have an entire conversation completely in German!” - Josie Miller, Carroll University- Webster Vienna, Fall 2016






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