Webster Staff Alliance



The purpose of the Webster Staff Alliance is to serve as a means of support to its constituency. In this capacity, we address issues, concerns, and topics of interest as identified by our membership by means of group discussions and exchange, guest speakers, workshops, and dialogue with appropriate parties.

Our mission is to is to create an environment where all staff love their jobs and are proud to be a part of the Webster community.

Webster Staff Alliance Flyer

Professional Development Opportunities

  • WSA has partnered with Go2Knowledge to provide on-demand professional development, all geared toward higher education professionals.
Go2Knowledge- WSA Informational Flyer
To gain access to this valuable resource and start your training, go to www.go2knowledge.org/wsa, and log-in.  
Username: webster    Password: Go2WebsterU
  • Professional development resources are available in the Webster Staff Library. Topics include motivation/coaching, leadership, diversity, teamwork, and decision making. Many are available as e-books or video. 

  • Did you Know?....Funds for outside professional development opportunities are available for staff.  The policy and application are available under Helpful Forms and PoliciesCheck it out!