Webster Staff Alliance


The purpose of the Webster Staff Alliance (WSA) is to serve as a means of support to its constituency. In this capacity, we address issues, concerns, and topics of interest as identified by our membership by means of group discussions and exchange, guest speakers, workshops, and dialogue with appropriate parties.


WSA aims to create an environment where all staff love their jobs and are proud to be a part of the Webster community.


Gorlok Greats Award will recognize staff members whose achievements, whether an individual act or sustained effort of exemplary service, relate to Webster University strategies and support the University's values and mission.  During the first year, over 80 colleagues were recognized for their achievements and service to Webster University. Nominations will be open from January 15-February 28th for the Spring Semester or August 15th-September 30th for the Fall. 

Professional Development Day is organized during Spring Break each year. Individuals from around the Webster campuses can get involved.  Staff are invited to host a session, attend as a guest, or join our Special Events committee to plan the event.  After each event, guests are invited to take the PDD survey to provide valuable feedback. Select sessions are also recorded

Extended Campus Professional Development Scholarship.  The Webster Staff Alliance (WSA) Scholarship Award is designed to bring up to 3 domestic extended site staff members to the home campus in Webster Groves, MO, to participate in one of the following upcoming events: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Critical Conversations or WSA Professional Development Day. The objective of the Scholarship Award is to provide extended campus staff members with an opportunity to connect and engage with the home campus and home campus personnel while participating in a professional development opportunity. The award will cover the cost for travel (mileage reimbursement or airfare), lodging, and food. Applications are due Friday, December 23rd.  See the Application and Information document and contact WSA with any questions. 

Go2Knowledge offers on-demand professional development sessions that are all geared towards higher education professionals.  With over 100 trainings, Webster staff can learn more about organizational development, supporting student success, and technology.  
      Portal: www.go2knowledge.org/wsa
      Username: webster
      Password:  Go2WebsterU

Staff Professional Development Funds are available to off-set the costs of staff attending work-related training sessions.  Individuals can request up to $1,500 every other fiscal year.  See the policies and procedures and contact WSA with all requests. 

NEW 2016: Due to an increase in the number of requests, the WSA Professional Development Funds will be split throughout the year to give an equal opportunity to those attending conferences during the second semester.  Funds will be awarded for conferences/workshops taking place from June – November and again from December – May.  Requests can be submitted beginning in April for June – November requests and again in October for December – May requests.

Webster Library Professional Development Resources is collection of materials that cover several professional development topics.  These e-books and videos cover motivation/coaching, leadership, diversity, teamwork, and decision making. This is an active collection; if you have any requests for additional resources, please email WSA

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