2015-2016 Board Members


Sanela Bejdic, Chair

The functions of the Chair include: Preside over Webster Staff Alliance meetings; represent the Webster Staff Alliance; be available to staff members to discuss relevant concerns and interests; be an ex-officio member to all staff committees; be the liaison for the constituency to the University Administration; work with the Associate Chair regarding budget matters; and maintain log of meetings, presentations, special events and committee documentation.

Sanela works as an Academic Resource Coordinator in the Academic Resource Center, and has been in this position since August 2010.  Sanela was elected as WSA Chair in 2014 for a two-year term.  She was previously the WSA Compensation Chair.

Christi Castonguay, Associate Chair

The functions of the Associate Chair include: Maintain accurate budget records and handle all monetary duties; assist the Chair as needed; be an ex-officio member on all staff committees; serve as Acting Chair in the Chair’s absence or should the chair be unable to complete the current term of office.

Currently Christi is the Department Associate for the Center for International Education. She has been in the position since 2012. Prior to that, she worked at the Winghaven campus for a year. Christi was appointed to the vacant position of Associate Chair in January 2016 due to the previous Associate Chair's departure.


Chrissy Gilbert

Christina Gilbert, Secretary

The functions of the Secretary include: Record and maintain accurate minutes of all WSA board meetings; maintain complete and accurate records of all WSA correspondence; and update the WSA website as needed.

Chrissy works as the Interim Associate Director of Transfer Admission, previously served as Transfer & Articulation Coordinator in the Office of Admission, and has been with Webster since October 2010.  She was elected as WSA Secretary in 2014 for a two-year term.

 Debra Inlges

Debra Ingles, Extended Campus Chair

The functions of Extended Campus Chair include: Preside and work closely with extended campus staff; provide insight to their needs and requests for more extended campus inclusion; appoint volunteers to assist with WSA extended campus activities and events; and create interest for new and current extended campus staff to participate and contribute ideas for WSA functions.

Debra currently works as an Academic Advisor/Assistant Director at the WingHaven campus, but has served as an extended campus director for Webster sites near Boston and in San Antonio. She has been with the University for 9 years.  Debra was elected as WSA Extended Campus Chair in 2014 for a two-year term.


Sandra Hunter, Compensation Chair                                                                                      sandrahunter17@webster.edu

Functions of the Compensation Chair include: Preside over all Compensation Development Funds, meetings and projects regarding compensation; appoint a minimum of six members of the constituency, who are not currently serving on the WSA Board, to serve one-year renewable appointments on the WSA Compensation Committee; handle compensation issues as they arise; maintain a record of surveys, results, proposals, responses and other documentation regarding issues and concerns throughout the term.

Sandra has worked at Webster University for 8 years, currently as a transfer counselor in the Office of Admission, and previously working in International Recruitment and the Service Desk. Sandra was appointed to the vacant position of Compensation Chair in August 2015.



Rebecca Punselie, Associate Compensation Chair                                                                rebeccapunselie@webster.edu

Functions of the Associate Compensation Chair include: Manage and oversee the Professional Development funds budget;  act as Acting Compensation Chair in the Chair’s absence or should the Compensation Chair be unable to complete the current term of office.

Rebecca works as the Research and Reporting Analyst in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, effective April 2015.  She started at the University as a Representative in the Department of Professional Counseling in January 2014.  Rebecca joined the WSA Compensation Committee in April of 2014 and was appointed to the vacant position of Associate Compensation Chair in March 2015.


Blerina Polovina, Membership Chair                                                                                         kongjble@webster.edu

Functions of the Membership Chair include: Maintain e-mail distribution for the WSA Saint Louis and extended campus listserv; create interest for new and current staff members to participate in activities and attend WSA functions; send out welcome letter and organize campus tours for new employees.

Blerina works as Associate Director for International Admissions, and prior to that, served as International Credential Specialist in the Office of Admission. She has been employed with Webster just over 5 years.  She was appointed as WSA Membership Chair to fill a vacant position and will serve a two-year term.


Stacey Tunnicliff, Special Events Chair

Functions of the Special Events Chair include: Preside over Professional Development Day and organize a committee of volunteers for the events; preside over any other special events offered through WSA; assist the Associate Special Events Chair with their Holiday Party and Special Events activities.

Stacey Tunnicliff works as a Transfer Representative in the Office of Admission, and prior to that, served as a Department Associate.  Stacey has been at Webster for almost four years.  She was appointed as the Special Events Chair in June 2015 to serve a two-year term.

Associate Special Events Chair-- VACANT

Functions of the Associate Special Events Chair include: Arrange catering for WSA Holiday Party, sessions, luncheons and activities; assist the Special Events Chair with the Professional Development subcommittee and events; serve as Special Events Chair in the Chair’s absence or should the Special Events Chair be unable to complete the current term.