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About the Webster University Press

The mission of Webster University Press is to publish academic works of high quality related to the academic programs offered by Webster University. WUP serves as a vehicle to disseminate scholarly, educational, and creative works that support the University's academic mission.

WUP is an academic initiative under the auspices of Academic Affairs and operates as a unit within Emerson Library. WUP collaborates with co-publishers for all publishing responsibilities associated with producing, marketing, selling, and distributing WUP publications.

Works that support the University's academic mission may be proposed for WUP by University faculty, members of our academic community, and others. Proposals submitted to WUP are first reviewed by the editorial board, with outside peer-review of all scholarly works and of other works as appropriate.

Editorial Board Members

Eileen Condon, Dean of University Libraries and Editor
(314) 246-7954 econdon@webster.edu

Vincent Flewellen, Chief Diversity Officer
(314) 246-8250 vincentflewellen@webster.edu

Nancy Hellerud, Vice Provost
(314) 246-7440 nancyhellerud@webster.edu

Rick Rockwell, Chief Communications Officer
(314) 246-8280 rickrockwell@webster.edu

Eric Rothenbuhler, Dean of School of Communications
(314) 246-7154 erothenbuhler@webster.edu