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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Cohorts

Webster's corporate cohort programs allow organizations to have their employees take courses together. Classmates are your fellow coworkers, which enhances teamwork and class discussions specific to your place of work. 

Corporate cohort programs also allow Webster to extend significant tuition discounts to employees at participating institutions, and to waive an employee's application fee.

The BSN and MSN programs have on-site corporate cohort programs at the following institutions:

For more information and a step-by-step guide for enrolling in one of our corporate cohort programs, visit the Corporate Cohorts page on our Admissions site or contact The Office of Corporate Partnerships.

Corporate Discounts

Webster offers a tuition discount to employees at all our corporate partner locations, even without the presence of an on-site cohort. Those locations include our cohort locations (above), plus:

In Missouri:

In South Carolina:

For further instructions on obtaining your discount, follow the link above for your institution.

Dual Admission Programs

Webster's Dual Admission Programs (DAP) make it possible for nursing students to be jointly admitted and enrolled at both Webster University and an instituion with which Webster has a dual admissions agreement: Lewis & Clark Community College or St. Louis Community College. It provides nursing students at these institutions with the opportunity to seamlessly complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Webster University and provides students with access to resources at both schools.

Students who participate in the program will have their application fees at Webster waived, will maximize credit transfer from their Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), will have the opportunity to begin coursework at Webster while completing their ADN, will have access to resources at both institutions while completing their ADN, and will have access to Webster advisors on their home campus. For more information, visit the Dual Admission Programs page for the Office of Admission.

Nursing Department Handbook

The Nursing Department handbook contains BSN and MSN program outcomes and information on all nursing curriculum, as well as policies and procedures related to registration, grading, academic honesty, etc. Current students should familiarize themselves with the handbook and use it as a resource throughout their academic career.

Prospective students are welcome to read through the handbook to learn more about the department's guidelines and policies.

Course Registration

The registration process starts with a clear projection of courses set forth by the student’s advisor. Each term a course schedule will be posted on our Canvas program pages and if the courses being offered are required and in the course projection, then all students will be automatically registered for upcoming courses, unless the program is notified otherwise by the student. Registration is completed by the Nursing Department Representative.

Any student with current holds on their account will be notified by the program to rectify the situation. The student must then contact the program when the hold has been removed, in order for registration to occur. 

To view course offerings, explore Webster's online course schedule. Be sure to search for courses at your chosen location: select "online" for online courses, "St. Louis area campuses" for the Webster Groves campus, and "All Other Campuses" for other locations.

Special Requirements for Clinical/Practicum 
Students registering for clinical or practicum courses must have ALL required information on file in the nursing office before beginning any clinical or practicum (see handbook, "Special Requirements").