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Why study philosophy?

The study of Philosophy aims at cultivating habits of thinking critically and communicating effectively.  The emphasis on critical thinking in studying philosophy helps develop both breadth of understanding and clarity of thought. Critical thinking and effective communication about significant matters contribute to living more meaningful and productive lives. A Philosophy major may be a sound preparation also for many careers.  For an illustration of this, check out some of the links/information below about how you can use a Philosophy major for your professional life:

The Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club endeavors to make the pleasures of the discipline of philosophy available to the general student body through club-sponsored events. Anyone can join regardless of major or past philosophical experience. 

For more information, contact the group's advisor Don Morse at or 314-246-7737.


The Philosophy Club publishes a journal, Sophia, in which students can present their work. Students can also join the editorial board for valuable behind-the-scenes experience in publishing. For more information, contact Department Coordinator Karen Miller.

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Beyond the Major: Resources for Recent or Soon-to-Be Graduates

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