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High Demand for Counseling Professionals

Webster's counseling degree program is designed to prepare individuals for a career in professional counseling. The curriculum combines classroom education and hands-on field experience to provide you with the theory and skills you need to work with individuals, couples, families, and children in a variety of mental health settings.

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects strong growth of employment rates for mental health counselors, therapists, and school counselors. As more insurance policies expand to cover mental health counseling services, the demand for professional counselors is expected to increase. Our diverse faculty are practicing clinicians who take a real-world approach to learning and guide students in developing the cultural awareness necessary to serve the needs of a rapidly changing population.

The Department of Professional Counseling at Webster University is proud to offer two degree choices to our students.

This degree program is designed to provide high-quality learning experiences to students, helping them become expert professional counselors who strive for individual excellence and contribute to an enhanced quality of life in local, national and global societies. Curriculum is culturally inclusive, training students with a strong base of knowledge and skills to practice effectively in a variety of careers in the field of mental health and human service, educational institutions, private practice, and government, business and industrial settings. It is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, practice and skills for working with individuals, couples, children, families and groups in a variety of mental health settings.

We invite students to select an emphasis area for this degree from the following options*: Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Couples, Marriage, Family & Child Counseling; School Counseling Specialization in Grades K-12; Family Life Counseling; or Community Counseling.

Approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), our MA in School Counseling is designed to prepare you to work with children and families in a variety of school settings. Completion of the degree will provide students with the required educational credentials for both K-8 and 7-12 school counselor certifications in Missouri. *Students who require prerequisite courses may have to complete more credit hours.

Counseling Programs by Location

Due to variances in accreditation by state and the availability of degree and emphasis, please choose your location.





ONLINE (Hybrid program)


More Information About Professional Counseling at Webster University

Hasmik Chakaryan

Hasmik Chakaryan, PhD, LPC (full bio)
Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Program
Webster Hall 300
Webster Groves, Missouri
(314) 246-8217 

Stacy Henning

Stacy Henning, PhD, LPC, ACS (full bio)
Associate Professor
Webster Hall 302
Webster Groves, Missouri
(314) 246-8215 

Muthoni Musangali

Muthoni Musangali, PhD, NCC (full bio)
Associate Professor & Department Chair
Webster Hall 307
Webster Groves, Missouri
(314) 246-8278 

Hemla Singaravelu

Hemla Singaravelu, PhD, LPC (full bio)
Webster Hall 312
Webster Groves, Missouri
(314) 246-7569 


Ryan Liberati

Ryan Liberati, PhD, LPC, ACS, CCMHC, NCC (full bio)
Associate Professor & School Counseling Coordinator
Webster Hall 301 - Home Campus
(314) 246-7624 

Molly Stehn

Molly Stehn, EdD, LPC (full bio)
Assistant Professor & Director of Assessment
Webster Hall 304 - Home Campus
(314) 246-8646 

Rebecca George

Rebecca George, PhD, LPC (full bio)
Columbia, South Carolina
(803) 699-0900 

Julie LaCubbert

Julie LaCubbert, PhD (full bio)
Visiting Instructor
Charleston, South Carolina
(843) 760-1324 

Alexanderia Smith

Alexanderia Smith, PhD, LPC (full bio)
Director, South Carolina Counseling Program
Columbia, South Carolina
(803) 699-0900 

Diane O'Brien

Diane O'Brien, PhD, LPC, CPCS, NCC, CCMHC, CTP (full bio)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
(843) 497-3677  


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