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Procurement and Acquisitions Management

Procurement and acquisition management continues to be an increasingly important part of modern business. Skilled practitioners in supply management are needed to assist companies in contract negotiations, supply market research, supplier analysis, and strategic sourcing.

Procurement and contract professionals must have excellent communication, management, and leadership skills. Being a stellar procurement and acquisition manager requires you to get the best product at the best price, on time and in the right place.

Webster University’s MA in procurement and acquisition management is ideal for individuals seeking to excel in this career field. Students studying procurement and acquisition management will graduate with an understanding of the role and the practice of supply management in a variety of organizations from non-profit to corporate to government.

Webster’s curriculum is designed to provide a broad theoretical and applied background in the managerial disciplines required to effectively manage the development, procurement, contracting, and channeling of material, services, and major systems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates of master of arts in procurement and acquisition management degree will be able to:
    • Clearly Communicate during negotiations and for stakeholders
    • Effectively budget and distribute resources
    • Systematically use methods and techniques for research and data analysis

Job Outlook

Graduates often go on to become contract specialists, logistics analysts, purchasers, contract, procurement or logistics managers, and/or contract officers.  95% of students who completed a master's degree in Procurement and Acquisitions Management at Webster were employed full-time post graduation.

Procurement and Acquisitions Management Academic Programs

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