College of Arts & Sciences

Volume 1: 2021.2022

Effective 1 June 2021 through 31 May 2022

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  • Biological Sciences, Stephanie Schroeder, chair
  • History, Politics, International Relations and Religious Studies, Kristen Anderson Morton, chair
  • Law, Crime and Social Justice, Robin Jefferson Higgins, chair
  • Nurse Anesthesia, Jill Stulce, chair
  • Nursing, Janice Palmer, chair
  • Professional Counseling, Molly Stehn, chair
  • Psychology, Eric Goedereis, chair


  • Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, Lindsey Kingston, director

Michael Hulsizer, interim dean

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Please refer to the Accreditations and Licensures section of this catalog for specialized accreditations that may apply to programs in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Mission Statement

Webster University's College of Arts & Sciences fosters free and rigorous intellectual inquiry among students and faculty in an atmosphere that respects differences in background, belief, and aspiration. We promote the values that ground an open, critically reflective, culturally diverse, and democratic society, and we prepare students to be active contributors to such a society.

As part of an international university, we encourage students to expand their horizons by learning the languages and worldviews of other cultures. We inspire students to seek the common ground upon which humans create sustainable relationships with each other and with their wider environment.

Owing to the general and fundamental nature of our various disciplines, we are committed to providing academic and intellectual support to the entire university.

We include several professional programs, which are guided by contemporary practices, appropriate accreditation standards, and the best recent scholarly activity.

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificates