ADVT - Advertising

Volume 1: 2022.2023

Effective 1 June 2022 through 31 May 2023

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Course Descriptions

ADVT 5100 Strategic Principles of Advertising and Marketing Communication (3)

Students learn the fundamental advertising and marketing communications terms, concepts, theories, and tools (traditional and nontraditional) used to assess an organization's marketing communications situation, and derive an effective strategic plan to accomplish a client's marketing communications objectives. Topics include establishing objectives, competitive analysis, target market profile, consumer decision-making process, brand positioning, opportunity recognition and marketing communications plans.

ADVT 5301 Marketing Communications: Sales Promotion (3)

This course explores the full range of trade and consumer sales promotion activities and studies the application of these techniques in today's marketplace. Emphasis is placed on the comprehensive understanding of hands-on applications and the creation of a sales promotion mix for a specific product situation. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5302 Marketing Communications: Product Publicity (3)

This course examines the creation and execution of communication plans designed to gain favorable product publicity leading to sales. Creative, planning, and execution techniques are studied, as well as the use of appropriate communication tools such as special events, sponsorships, endorsements, online services, direct mail, telemarketing and news releases. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5303 Marketing Communications: Merchandising and Point-of-Purchase (3)

This course examines the function of retail merchandising activities in relation to the marketing mix. Emphasis is placed on identifying the various forms and functions of retail merchandising. Students will analyze the relative effectiveness of merchandising activities in relation to the product or service the activity supports. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5304 Marketing Communications: Direct and Internet (3)

Students are introduced to the theories and techniques employed in direct-response marketing communications, including development, execution, and analysis of a direct campaign and exposure to related traditional media such as print, broadcast, catalog, and telemarketing. The course also explores the role of new media, such as the internet, in interactive marketing communications. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5305 Marketing Communications: Business-to-Business (3)

This course examines marketing communications theories and practices for business-to-business products and services in contrast to consumer products and services, particularly packaged goods. Topics include market analysis, target identification, planning and budgeting for communications with customers, suppliers and intermediaries. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5321 Advertising Decision-Making (3)

This course examines case studies that cover decision making in all aspects of advertising management: target and audience identification, strategic planning, objective setting, creative strategy, media planning, budgeting, research and agency/client relationships. Prerequisite: ADVT 5100.

ADVT 5341 Writing for Advertising (3)

This course examines alternative creative strategies used to solve specific advertising problems, develops strategies for particular situations, and brainstorms creative concepts. The student adapts writing styles to specific advertising situations, product categories and media. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and ADVT 5321.

ADVT 5410 Fundamentals of Branding (3)

The course introduces students to the components of building and maintaining successful brands. The course emphasizes fundamental concepts including brand identity, positioning strategies, value propositions, brand essence, brand personality and brand relation structure. Students will construct and maintain a clear brand narrative and learn to manage the evolution of a brand over time. The course will include nontraditional media and how to craft brand strategy using these new communications channels. Prerequisite: MEDC 5000.

ADVT 5420 Account Planning and Consumer Insight (3)

The course introduces students to the theory and practice of account planning for advertising and integrates the analysis of consumer insights into the planning process for the development of breakthrough advertising. Students will study the foundational literature of account planning and will engage in a hands-on planning process. Prerequisite: MEDC 5300 or ADVT 5321.

ADVT 5440 Media Buying and Market Analysis (3)

This course focuses on the use of qualitative and quantitative research methods used to determine which media are best suited for purchase in an advertising campaign. Market research is combined with print and electronic media analysis using mathematical models and syndicated resources. Topics included are ratings for electronic media, circulation of print media, and techniques for evaluating inter-media plans as part of marketing and advertising strategies. Prerequisite: ADVT 5321.

ADVT 5501 Creative Planning and Strategy (3)

This course emphasizes the importance of critical thinking in the planning and development of message strategy for advertising and other marketing communications tools. Class discussions explore the decision-making process and development of criteria for evaluation of alternative message strategies. Emphasis is also placed on the relationship between strategy and tactics. Students must be prepared to present and defend their positions. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and ADVT 5321.

ADVT 5502 Multinational Advertising (3)

This course focuses on the major components in the process of developing multinational advertising programs/campaigns, including client-agent structure, audience identification and segmentation, objective setting, media strategy, creative strategy, research and budgeting. Each of these steps must be considered within the context of different cultural, political, and legal environments. Prerequisite: ADVT 5321.

ADVT 5550 Topics in Advertising/Marketing Communications (3-6)

This course offers a variety of topics to address emerging theories, practices, and applications in the field of advertising and marketing communications. Topics are timely and of interest to professionals currently working in or pursuing advertising and marketing communications-related careers. This course may be repeated once for credit if content differs and is appropriate for the student’s course of study. Prerequisites: May vary with topic.