Organizational Development (MA)

Volume 1: 2018.2019

Effective 1 June 2018 through 31 May 2019

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This program is offered by the Walker School of Business & Technology. It is available online, at the St. Louis home campus and at the Henderson Hall campus.

Program Description

This program and curriculum is a professional organizational development degree. It is designed for managers and other professionals who want to enhance their professional skills and marketability or enter the profession of organizational development as either an external or internal consultant.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will possess a learning portfolio documenting organizational development competency acquisition over the course of the program. 
  • Students will possess an organizational development personal and professional development plan by end of the program.
  • Students will demonstrate acquisition of individual course learning objectives through theoretical application papers, case discussions, written case analyses, class role plays and simulations, use of electronic and social media, and organizational development project interventions papers and logs.

Program Curriculum

The 36 credit hours required for the master of arts (MA) must include the following courses for a major in organizational development:

  • ORDV 5000 Practicing Organizational Development (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5100 Change Leader Self-Mastery (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5200 Organizational Development Consulting Practices (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5300 Data-Driven Approaches to Organizational Developments (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5400 Designing, Building, and Leading Effective Teams (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5450 Managing Communication During Change (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5600 Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5700 Designing and Facilitating Organizational Development Interventions (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5800 Achieving Breakthrough Results (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5900 Organizational Development in Emerging Situations (3 hours)
  • ORDV 5950 Organizational Development in a Global Context (3 hours)
  • ORDV 6000 Capstone Project in Organizational Development (3 hours)


Students who are interested in applying to this certificate program should see the Admission Section of this catalog for general requirements.

Send all admissions materials to:

Office of Admission
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Advancement to Candidacy

Students are admitted to their graduate program upon completion of all admission requirements. Students are advanced to candidacy status after successfully completing 12 credit hours of graduate credit, with grades of B- or better. In the MBA program and other specialized programs, courses required as prerequisites to the program do not count toward the 12 credit hours required for advancement.