CONS - Conservatory Theatre Arts


Effective 1 June 2023 through 31 May 2024

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Course Descriptions

Global Citizenship Program
Knowledge Areas
ARTS Arts Appreciation
GLBL Global Understanding
PNW Physical & Natural World
QL Quantitative Literacy
ROC Roots of Cultures
SSHB Social Systems & Human Behavior
Global Citizenship Program
Skill Areas
CRI Critical Thinking
ETH Ethical Reasoning
INTC Intercultural Competence
OCOM Oral Communication
WCOM Written Communication
** Course fulfills two skill areas


CONS 1010 Conservatory I (8)

Performance: Fundamental course in theatre skills: teaches acting and movement to develop sensitivity and concentration; voice and speech to develop the speaking voice; and stagecraft to investigate theatre structure and organization. Requires production work. Prerequisite: Acceptance by audition.

Stage Management: Introduces entering students to drafting, technical production and staff management problems. Seminar studies theatre organization. Assigns production activities according to skills and utilizes them to support those activities reviewed in stage management seminar. Prerequisite: Acceptance by interview.

Design and Technical Production: The department offers emphases in scene design, scene painting, costume design, lighting design, sound design, technical direction, costume construction and wig and makeup design, which have individual programs for the four years of Conservatory study.

In the first year all areas of emphasis share the same curriculum, which aims to develop foundation skills in drafting, scenography, technical production, visual history and text analysis. Portfolio review at the end of each semester. Prerequisite: Acceptance by portfolio.

CONS 1020 Conservatory I (8)

Continues experiences described in CONS 1010. Prerequisite: CONS 1010.

CONS 2010 Conservatory II (6-8)

Performance: Continues basic scene study, characterization, movement and neutral mask work. Voice and speech introduces phonetic language and continues to develop vocal instrument. Stresses importance of fundamental makeup. Prerequisite: CONS 1020.

Stage Management: Continues CONS 1020, along with scenography, lighting design and costume construction. Schedule designed in consultation with advisor. Prerequisite: CONS 1020.

Design and Technical Production: Scene design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, scene painting, technical production, costume construction and wig and makeup design. Students begin first-level classes and production assignments in their areas of emphasis, with additional classes and production assignments according to individual program and development. Portfolio review each semester. Prerequisite: CONS 1020.

CONS 2020 Conservatory II (6-8)

Continues the previous semester for all areas of study. Auditions and portfolio reviews are scheduled. Prerequisite: CONS 2010.

CONS 3010 Conservatory III (6-10)

Concentrates on specific needs in each area: acting, stage management, design, technical production or management. Prerequisite: CONS 2020.

Acting: Concentrates on major periods of acting styles, with advanced training in specific movement skills such as combat, t’ai chi ch’uan, clowning, or period dance. Also specific work with dialects and non-regional speech. 

Stage Management: Participate in seminars and the practical application of the studies in production. 

Design and Technical Production: Concentrate on emphasis in advanced-level classes and production assignments with continuing work in other areas. Portfolio review each semester. 

CONS 3020 Conservatory III (6-10)

Continues CONS 3010. Prerequisite: CONS 3010.

CONS 4010 Conservatory IV (8-10)

Final year of the training sequence. Training in all areas will include advanced theatrical styles and performance needs, preparation for the audition and portfolio review process and performance and production work suited to meet the needs of the student. Particular attention will be paid to preparation for the job market. Portfolio review each semester. Prerequisite: CONS 3020.

CONS 4020 Conservatory IV (6-10)

Continuation of CONS 4010. Prerequisite: CONS 4010.