STAT - Statistics


Effective 1 June 2022 through 31 May 2023

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Course Descriptions

Global Citizenship Program
Knowledge Areas
ARTS Arts Appreciation
GLBL Global Understanding
PNW Physical & Natural World
QL Quantitative Literacy
ROC Roots of Cultures
SSHB Social Systems & Human Behavior
Global Citizenship Program
Skill Areas
CRI Critical Thinking
ETH Ethical Reasoning
INTC Intercultural Competence
OCOM Oral Communication
WCOM Written Communication
** Course fulfills two skill areas


STAT 1100 Descriptive Statistics (3)

This course introduces the core concepts of statistics. It covers methods used to describe data (mean, median, standard deviation, etc.) and methods used to present data (graphical displays like histograms, other plots and others). This course covers basic probability rules used in statistics. The students will develop the ability to reason using statistical information. They will acquire the skills to evaluate the many advertising and new reports of statistical studies that are encountered in daily life. GCP Coding: (QL).

STAT 3100 Inferential Statistics (3)

This course covers statistical concepts including measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, Sampling, Estimation, Hypothesis testing, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Correlation and Regression Analysis. GCP Coding: (QL).