Exercise Science


Effective 1 June 2022 through 31 May 2023

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18 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the College of Science and Health/Biological Sciences Department and is only available at the St. Louis home campus.

For information on the general requirements for a minor, see Minor under the Academic Policies and Information section of this catalog.

Program Description

The exercise science minor is appropriate for students who are pursuing a career that has a significant connection to health, fitness and exercise science and who wish to deepen their understanding of human health and functional anatomy by exploring physiological concepts, personal health practices and fitness coaching strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Following successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of functional human anatomy and physiology.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human movement and exercise technique.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health and fitness assessment and exercise prescription based on these assessments.
  • Demonstrate practical skills and knowledge for practicing and coaching personal health and human (athletic) performance.
  • Demonstrate tolerance and understanding of diverse populations, responsible citizenship, inclusive fitness programming, professional etiquette and ethical behavior. 

Special Requirements

In addition to the general University requirements for a minor:

  • The exercise science minor cannot be earned by students currently majoring in exercise science (BS).

Required Courses

  • BIOL 1610 Anatomy and Physiology I (3 hours)
    and BIOL 1611 Anatomy and Physiology I: Lab (1 hour)
  • BIOL 1620 Anatomy and Physiology II (3 hours)
    and BIOL 1621 Anatomy and Physiology II: Lab (1 hour)
  • EXSC 1400 Foundations of Exercise Science (3 hours)
  • EXSC 2100 Coaching Health and Human Performance (2 hours)

A minimum of 5 credit hours from the following courses

  • EXSC 2356 Principles of Athletic Training (3 hours)
  • EXSC 3250 Exercise Kinesiology (3 hours)
    (can be taken without the lab, EXSC 3251)
  • EXSC 3251 Exercise Kinesiology Lab (1 hour)
  • EXSC 3050 Exercise Physiology (3 hours)
  • EXSC 4680 Exercise Testing and Prescription (3 hours)
    and EXSC 4681 Exercise Testing and Prescription: Lab (1 hour)
  • EXSC 4683 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (3 hours)