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Aaron AuBuchon

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Associate Dean


Dean's Office

Home Campus

St. Louis (Webster Groves)

Areas of Expertise and Research

  • Video production/video as a communication tool
  • Media literacy/how media messages affect your perception
  • Communications as a model for memetics
  • Digital storytelling
  • Writing and producing for television
  • Cultural connotations of fantasy entertainment
  • Horror film

Courses Taught

FTVP 1300 Edit and Color
FTVP 3000 StoryLab
MEDC 1620 Media Literacy
NPRO 5000 New Media Tools (formerly MEDC 5615 New Media Tools)
VIDE 1000 Introduction to Video Production
VIDE 1810 Video Production I
VIDE 2200 Field Production
VIDE 2400 Video Editing
VIDE 2500 Post Production
VIDE 2520 Video Production II
VIDE 3150 Topics: Docu-series Production
VIDE 3150 Topics: DVD Authoring
VIDE 3150 Topics: Cultural Crossroads
VIDE 4500 ProSeminar in Video Production (Production House)


MA, Media Communications, Webster University, 2005; Areas of interest: Media literacy, strategic communications, memetics
BA, Media Communications, Webster University, 2002; Area of interest: Video production
AA, English, East Central College, 1993; Area of interest: Creative writing

Teaching Philosophy

"I have a threefold approach to teaching — technical, aesthetic and theoretical. Each of these facets is important to arrive at the gestalt of a comprehensive understanding of how to use video to communicate. I feel it is important to show students examples and then quickly put the tools of production into their hands, allowing them to learn while they do. This process not only is necessary to get students excited about the possibilities of the medium, it is necessary to teach them how to use video to realize their own unique vision."


"I work in video because I feel it is perhaps the most democratizing media force in the world at this time, perhaps in the whole of human history. The cost of the tools required to produce and distribute motion media products are at an all time low, making video production the populist voice for any individual who desires to have one. Today, people grumble a great deal about 'the media,' as though it is our adversary. Don't hate the media, become the media."

Nonprofit Projects

St. Louis Arc

City of Clayton

Shaw Neighborhood

SNHC Releases Shaw Neighborhood Promotional Video


Inspiring Creativity in Every Child

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Boing Boing
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8/30/13 Cat Adoption Commercial Tells You Why You Should/Shouldn't Adopt a Cat


9/1/13 Cat Adoption Ad Paints a Sad, Lonely Picture of Pre-Cat Life

Laughing Squid
9/4/13 Cat Adoption Ad Parodies Infomercial Tropes

Mother Nature Network (MNN)
9/4/13 Tired? Stressed? Fix Your Life By Adopting a Cat


Tenth Life Cat Adoption Ad

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Contact Information 

Cell phone 314-541-6330

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