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Chris Sagovac

Chris Sagovac in suit and tiePosition

Associate Professor; Program Facilitator, Animation


Electronic and Photographic Media

Home Campus

St. Louis (Webster Groves)

Areas of Expertise and Research

  • Animation in St. Louis
  • Comic Book Creation
  • Comics in Higher Education and Beyond
  • Graphic Novels
  • State of the Animation Industry

Courses Taught

ANIM 1000 Animation I
ANIM 2010 Experimental Animation
ANIM 3040 Comic Book Creation
ANIM 3150 Topics: Advanced Experimental Animation
ANIM 3150 Topics: Advanced Animation Studio
ANIM 3150 Topics: Animation Dailies
ANIM 3150 Topics: Rotoscoping Workshop
ANIM 3150 Topics: Animation Festival Management
ANIM 3210 Animation Principles and Techniques I
ANIM 4010 Character Design
ANIM 4020 Storyboarding
ANIM 4620 Animation Production Senior Overview
ANIM 4700 Professional Development in Animation
FRSH 1200 Surrealism: The Real Functioning of Thought


MA in Fine Arts, Webster University; BA in Media Communications, Webster University


Artist Chris Sagovac's work spans many disciplines from animation and film making to proficiency in several fine art mediums. His work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, film festivals and street art exhibitions. Sagovac is a practicing mail artist, abstract painter and independent comic book creator.


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Office phone 314-246-4223

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