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Eric Rothenbuhler Dr. Eric Rothenbuhler has an extensive background as an administrator, faculty member, and a scholar. He is a high-energy leader who is passionate about anticipating trends in communication and preparing students to meet industry needs that may not yet exist. He is a visionary leading changes that will shape communication and media education making the School of Communications nationally recognized for innovation and scholarship.

Dr. Rothenbuhler is often asked to make presentations or sit on panels for both the National and International Communication Associations. He has spoken at conferences and universities in China, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, and at many universities in the United States. He has scholarly publications in several international journals, including one written in Polish. Internationalizing the curriculum and adding more international opportunities for students and faculty is a priority for the dean.

Each year, he visits Webster's growing network of international campuses, attends the Media Trends Conference, and travels to Los Angeles to visit School of Communications alumni.

Eric Rothenbuhler spends his time away from the university with his wife Jane. They enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties for their friends and family.

Webster Voices: Eric Rothenbuhler (podcast, 5:22 )

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