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Featured Event: Media Academy

Media Academy is a premier annual event of the Webster University School of Communications and our industry partners held in the Spring semester. This year's event will take place March 5-6.

Sponsored by Absen.
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Kooyumjian Gallery Opening Reception: Griselda San Martin

Friday, March 1, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Kooyumjian Gallery, Sverdrup Building

Media Academy

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 5-6, Sverdrup Building

Media Academy Student Showcase

Wednesday, March 6, 1-3 p.m., Boylan West Atrium, Sverdrup Building

Kooyumjian Gallery | Webster UniversityCurrent Exhibit at the Kooyumjian Gallery

Griselda San Martin: Alternate Perspectives

Friday, Mar. 1 through Wednesday, Apr. 24

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Attention High Schoolers

Spend Your Summer at Webster

Spend your summer learning from working professionals!

Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14, Sverdrup Complex: Basics of animation and game design.

Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28, Sverdrup Complex: Basics of sound production and film, TV and video production.

Webster offers four different week-long summer camps for ages 14-18 and all skill levels are invited. All School of Communications summer camps will take place in the newly renovated state-of-the-art Sverdrup complex. Housing on campus is available!

Media Academy

Media Academy is a premier annual event of the Webster University School of Communications and our industry partners held in the Spring semester. Media Academy 2024 is sponsored by Absen and includes two days of presentations, workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities with senior executives from national media companies including Epic Games, Lion Forge, Canon, K Period Media, and more.

Student running a table shares her showcase work with community member
Two people sit opposite each other at table for interview, students in audience seats watching
Auditorium of students with hands raised while presenter at podium claps
Students and workshop presenter sit in large circle for discussion
Speaker at podium with two students in foreground; screen reads: Defining what you bring to the table
Several students at table in showcase hall looking at papers, listening to audio, and talking to presenter
Presenter in front of classroom of students; slide reads: Utilize every platform for specific purposes
Media professional listens and watches student showcase media project with student

Register for Media Academy 2024

Tuesday, March 5

  • 3–5 p.m., Panel Discussion: The Social Mission and Business Operations of Public Service and Non-Profit Media, SV123
  • 5–6 p.m., Networking Reception, Sverdrup Hall

Wednesday, March 6

  • 9 a.m.–12:50 p.m., Workshops
    • 9–9:50 a.m., UEFN: The Unreal Editor For Fortnite, and Transmedia Storytelling, with Jamie Hurcomb, SV117
    • 9–9:50 a.m., IYKYK: Landing Your First Job In Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Creative, or PR, with Melinda Love, SV112
    • 10–10:50 a.m., How To Be A Human-Centric Company in A Tech Explosion: Kyosei, Canon's Corporate Philosophy, and Technology, with Paul T. Murphy, SV121
    • 10–10:50 a.m., The AI Transformation of Storytelling, with Andrew Finlayson, SV117
    • 10–10:50 a.m., Crafting Influence: A Blueprint For Success In Today's Digital Landscape, with Justin Michael, SV112
    • 11–11:50 a.m., Virtual Cinema Production: A Demonstration and Discussion, with School of Communications faculty and students, SV129
    • 11–11:50 a.m., Revolutionizing Animation, with Carl Reed, SV121
    • 11–11:50 a.m., The Litigation Won’t Be Artificial: Intellectual Property Risks in Use of Artificial Intelligence, with Mark Sableman, SV117
    • 12–12:50 p.m., The Art and Business of Filmmaking: An Open Q&A, with Kimberly Steward, SV123
  • 1–3 p.m., Student Showcase, Boylan West Atrium
  • Amy Shaw, Nine PBS
  • Andrew Finlayson, SmithGeiger Group
  • Brant Houston, University of Illinois
  • Cara Anthony, KFF Health News
  • Carl Reed, Composition Media
  • Cat Neville, Explore St. Louis
  • Jamie Hurcomb, Epic Games
  • Justin Michael, @TwoDapperDads
  • Kimberly Steward, K Period Media
  • Mark Sableman, Thompson Coburn, LLP
  • Melinda Love, M Consulting Group
  • Paul T. Murphy, Canon Solutions America
  • Tina Pamintuan, St. Louis Public Radio
  • School of Communications faculty and students, Webster University

The Student Showcase features nominated students from all majors in the School of Communications displaying their most accomplished portfolios and projects including video games, photos, films, recordings and more. Communications professionals, alumni, staff and faculty are invited to attend for the opportunity to network and offer career-related feedback for students.

It is open-house style, so attendees can stop by for just 15 minutes, or stay the whole time.

The 2024 Student Showcase will be held Wednesday, March 6, 1-3 p.m. in the Boylan West Atrium in the Sverdrup Building

Jamie Hurcomb

Jamie Hurcomb

Unreal Engine Academic Advisor at Epic Games

UEFN, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, and Transmedia Storytelling

The recently released Unreal Editor Fortnite (UEFN) not only enables game developers to create and publish their own Fortnite Islands, it also opens up a world of opportunity for cross-platform narrative storytelling. In this session, we will explore how UEFN is being used in industry to craft vibrant, immersive narratives across the media and entertainment landscape, and discover how you can begin learning UEFN today.

  • 9–9:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV117


Presenter Bio: Jamie Hurcomb is an academic advisor on the Unreal Engine Education Team for Epic Games, working with media and entertainment programs across North America. She is passionate about helping students, faculty and practitioners realize their creative potential using real-time workflows. Jamie is also an instructor in the RTA School of Media at Toronto Metropolitan University and an experienced documentary filmmaker, producer and film editor.

Melinda Love

Melinda Love

Consultant at M Consulting Group

IYKYK: Landing Your First Job in Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Creative or Public Relations

Landing an entry-level position can be trickier than it used to be — especially with the advent of AI. Agency Matchmaker and Talent Scout Melinda Love will share the three most important things to finding that first stepping stone into the market. This is not your basic workshop on resume writing, portfolios or LinkedIn. She’ll share three stories on how entry-level talent have found positions in St. Louis — and how what they learned can benefit you. Attendees will receive a promo code to download an e-book (for free) and learn of a few important events to attend this Spring. This not-to-miss workshop is relevant for anyone looking to get into a marketing, advertising, digital, creative or PR agency.

  • 9–9:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV112


Presenter Bio: With a background in visual communications, Melinda Love has spent her career on the agency side of the business. She has played key roles with creative, account and operations in three types of agencies: a start-up in DC, a large, global agency, and a highly specialized boutique. Melinda is now running her own consulting business, M Consulting Group, where she is known for connecting people, agencies and brands for assignments, full-time positions or large-scale contracts across the country.

Paul T. Murphy

Paul T. Murphy

Vice President, Major Accounts and Vertical Markets at Canon Solutions America, Inc.

How to be a Human-Centric Company in a Tech Explosion: Kyosei, Canon’s Corporate Philosophy and Technology

VP for Major Accounts and Vertical Markets, Paul Murphy will review how Canon’s corporate philosophy of Kyosei helps them engage communities for meaningful relationships and mutual benefit, while also a world-leading technology firm. He will review new developments in Canon technology in the areas of machine learning, language libraries and human factors, high speed processing, visual computing and imaging, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence.

  • 10–10:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV121


Presenter Bio: With 45 years of industry-related business experience, Paul T. Murphy has worked for Canon Solutions America since July 1987 and effective July 2016 is responsible for the development and growth in key markets healthcare, government, education, legal and Fortune 1000 corporations as vice president, major accounts and vertical markets. The position includes an intercompany discipline to strengthen the insight and knowledge amongst Canon companies, subsidiaries and divisions.

Andrew Finlayson

Andrew Finlayson

EVP of Digital and AI Strategies at Smith Geiger

The AI Transformation Of Storytelling

Could you soon create a feature-length movie or a video that looks just like a network news report — using generative AI? The speed of new AI technology is powering new ways to tell all types of stories that could lead to everyone being a movie maker or looking like a newscast from anywhere in the world. Never before seen entertainment or politically disruptive disinformation — soon all of it will be generated by just typing a few prompts into a keyboard. Attend this session and see what is being created today and what AI-generated video stories could soon appear on your TV, computer and mobile screens.

  • 10–10:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV117


Justin Michael

Justin Michael

Brand Owner and Content Creator at @TwoDapperDads

Crafting Influence: A Blueprint for Success in Today's Digital Landscape

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of digital influence with this comprehensive workshop. Explore the dynamic world of influencers and learn essential strategies, from defining your niche and building a compelling personal brand to crafting engaging content and navigating the intricacies of monetization. Join us for invaluable insights and practical strategies that will empower you to thrive in today's competitive influencer landscape.

  • 10–10:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV112


Presenter Bio: Meet Justin Michael, the visionary brand owner and content creator for @TwoDapperDads. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Justin and his husband Chris have catapulted their platform from a hobby into a multiple six-figure business, captivating audiences with the heartwarming narrative of two dads navigating the journey of raising three children born through IVF and surrogacy. Boasting a robust LGBTQ+ following, Two Dapper Dads is not just a brand; it's a movement that collaborates seamlessly with both local and global brands. Two Dapper Dads’ impact extends far and wide, having worked with industry giants like Walmart, Gerber, Kraft Heinz, Bayer and Netflix. Currently serving as the 2024 National Brand Ambassadors for Huggies and Pull-ups, Justin and Chris Michael and Two Dapper Dads continue to redefine the narrative, showcasing the power of connection, unity and shared experiences through their dynamic journey of parenthood.

Webster University School of Communications logo

School of Communications Faculty and Students

Faculty and students at Webster University

Virtual Cinema Production: A Demonstration and Discussion

Join Webster University School of Communications faculty and students in a demonstration of the first virtual cinema system in the region and a discussion of how we are using the system in our curriculum and the opportunities it is opening for our students.

  • 11–11:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV129


Carl Reed

Carl Reed

CEO at Composition Media

Revolutionizing Animation

Join Carl Reed for a comprehensive session that examines the evolving landscape of animation, highlighting current practices and future innovations that stand to benefit creators, buyers, broadcasters and fans alike.

  • 11–11:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV121


Presenter Bio: Carl is a writer, director, and Academy award-winning producer who has been in media creation for over 20 years, serving as a co-founder of Lion Forge Comics and Lion Forge Animation and as founder of Composition Media, where he currently serves as CEO.

Mark Sableman

Mark Sableman

Partner at Thompson Coburn, LLP

The Litigation Won’t be Artificial: Intellectual Property Risks in Use of Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI tools raise many intellectual property law concerns. Does the creation or use of AI tools infringe existing copyrights? Who owns the intellectual property rights to works that you create using AI? How should legal considerations inform your use of AI tools? And how can you protect your own creative work from improper exploitation?

  • 11–11:50 a.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV117


Presenter Bio: Mark Sableman is a lawyer and former journalist. He is a partner at Thompson Coburn LLP in St. Louis, where his law practice focuses on intellectual property, media and information technology law. He has taught Media Law at Webster and serves on the School of Communications’ advisory board.

Kimberly Steward

Kimberly Steward

Principal and Managing Member at K Period Media

The Art and Business of Filmmaking: An Open Q&A

An open Q&A with Academy Award-nominated producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Kimberly Steward. Kimberly will share her thoughts and answer questions from the audience on the business of film production, the producer’s role, her approach to identifying and developing stories and the intersection of entertainment and philanthropy. She will also discuss the launch of her Foundation and her work with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the Sundance Institute, the Academy Museum and more.

  • 12–12:50 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, SV123


Presenter Bio: Kimberly Steward is an Academy Award-nominated producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 2013, Kimberly formed the media company K Period Media (KPM), with the goal of producing quality content that would launch the careers of the next generation of talent on both sides of the camera. In 2016, Steward and KPM produced the critically acclaimed film, Manchester By The Sea. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards® making Steward the second black woman, after Oprah Winfrey, to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award. Manchester By The Sea went on to win Oscars for Best Original Screenplay (Kenneth Lonergan) and Best Actor (Casey Affleck).

Sverdrup commons with tables lining perimeter offering internship opportunities

Communications Careers Week

Monday, Oct. 9–Friday, Oct. 13

During the Fall semester, the School of Communications brings in industry leaders representing a cross-section of organizations, from nonprofit journalism to full-service entertainment production companies. With a combination of presentations, workshops, networking sessions, panel discussions and an internship expo, Webster students can jump-start their own communications career.

Tuesday, Oct. 10

Keith Clark
Editor, Director, Producer @ Invisible Machine
1:45-2:50 p.m.
Room SV119

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Mary Thaier
Multi-Skilled Journalist @ KSDK-Show Me St. Louis
1-2:20 p.m.
Room SV116

Marcio Jose Sanchez
California Photo Editor @ Associated Press
7-8 p.m.
Room SV258

Thursday, Oct. 12

Internship Expo
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Boylan West Atrium

Becky Vollmer
Author @ You Are Not Stuck
12-1:20 p.m.
Room SV264

Paul Aubuchon
Production Coordinator @ Ironman Sound
1:30-2:30 p.m.
Room SV112

Andrew Richard Hara
Photographer @ Andrew Richard Hara Media
1:30-2:30 p.m.
Room SV123

Thursday, October 12, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Sverdrup Building, Boylan West Atrium
Registration and Information

This event is open to all School of Communications students of Webster University. There will be a variety of Internship Program partners ready to share information and discuss internship opportunities for spring and summer. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, the Internship Expo is an excellent opportunity to gather internship information. Seniors and juniors can find out about available internships and more. Sophomores and freshmen can chat with internship partners about classes or experience needed for internships. The expo will provide an opportunity for students to speak with employers. Students actively seeking internships and students wanting to connect for future opportunities are encouraged to attend.

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