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Explore Music! AFRICA

Experience the Music & Culture of Africa 


Saturday, January 24, 2015, 12-5 p.m.
Community Music School of Webster University 
535 Garden Avenue 
Webster Groves, MO 63119

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Click here for a Menu with Pricing of Nigerian Cuisine 

Kunama MtendajiExplore Music! AFRICA will feature West African music and many traditional African instruments from strings to drums. African American folk artist, Kunama Mtendaji will present workshop sessions on West African music. Participants will experience drumming and dancing within a cultural perspective. The direct tie between West African music and the Blues will be demonstrated with live performances by Blues musicians, Sharon and Doug Foehner.

View an exhibit of African Art and participate in a mask making workshop with Gundia Lock-Clay. Participants can visit the African Fashion display and learn how to wrap a headdress with Fatima Odegboye. Delicious food made in the Nigerian tradition by Fatima will be available for purchase from noon-2 p.m.  Click here for a full menu with prices.Artwork by Gundia Lock-Clay

Explore Music! AFRICA, Experience the Music and Culture of Africa
is presented as part of the Community Music School's global music program, which was established to develop increased exposure to and experience with music of all cultures. With the belief that all musical styles are equally valid, the CMS endeavors, through the Explore Music! Program, to foster social harmony, trust, understanding, and appreciation of all cultures. Students, teachers, and those with a general interest in music and exposure to diverse cultural music practices are invited to participate and observe.

Admission:  FREE and open to the public.  For all ages.

Questions?  Call (314) 968-5939 or email cms@webster.edu  

Kunama Mtendaji is an African American folk artist that specializes in performing and teaching storytelling, music and dance. He features the cultures of African people throughout the African world. Kunama performs solo and coordinates Afi Ama music and dance ensemble, The Mask Dance Society, and A.F.R.I.C.A. (Association For Responsible Interdisciplinary Cultural Artists).

To learn more about Kunama, please visit:  kunamamtendaji.com 

 Sharon and Doug Foehner perform in many venues throughout the St. Louis music scene. Sharon  has performed with noteworthy artists such as Johnnie Johnson, Oliver Sain, Renee Smith, Jimmy Rodgers, Henry Townsend, and many others. In 1995 Sharon opened up the Women in Blues Festival at the Sheldon performing an acoustic duet with the legendary Etta Baker.  Doug started his career in music with renowned Jimi Hendrix scholar Mike Fairchild in the early 1980’s and shared a research credit on the M.C.A. Jimi Hendrix blues CD release.

Menu of Nigerian Cuisine by Fatima Odegboye (cash accepted)

Main Dishes:  
Spicy Jollof Rice with Chicken Drumstick $6 or without Drumstick $5 
African Honey Beans with Chicken Drumstick $6 or without Drumstick $5
Extra Drumstick $2 each
Meat Pie $5

Puff Puff (sweetened dough) $1 each
Fried Plantain (5-7 pieces) $5

Timeline of Activities:

Time Activity  (All activities held at CMS Center, 535 Garden Ave., 63119) Space
12-2 pm Nigerian food for purchase by Fatima Odegboye (cash accepted) CMS Lobby
12-1 pm 1st Mask Making Workshop with Gundia Lock-Clay
(limited to 25 people) 
Room 11
12-4 pm African Art Display - Gundia Lock-Clay CMS Lobby
12-4 pm African Fashion Display - Fatima Odegboye CMS Lobby
1-2 pm 1st Music Workshop on West African music with Kunama Mtendaji  Room 10
2-2:45 pm Headdress Wrapping Session with Fatima   CMS Lobby
 2-3 pm 2nd Mask Making Workshop with Gundia
(limited to 25 people)
Room 11
3-3:45 pm 2nd Music Workshop relating West African music to the Blues with Kunama Mtendaji Room 10
4-4:45 pm  3rd Music Workshop with Blues Performance by Sharon and Doug Foehner Room 10