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Kindermusik® For the Young Child


Age: 5-7 years old, parent or caregiver attend the last 10 minutes

Kindermusik For the Young Child

Kindermusik For the Young Child studentIn this sequential program, children will explore many facets of music – speaking and singing, moving, listening, creating, and playing instruments, as well as the concepts, language, and notation of music.  During each class, creative movement or dances are interspersed with quiet activities like drawing or focused listening.  The curriculum introduces the glockenspiel – a pre-keyboard instrument (semesters 1, 2, 3, 4), and string and wind instruments – the dulcimer (semester 3) and recorder (semester 4).  Kindermusik for the Young Child broadens and deepens the child’s introduction to the fulfillment and excitement of musicianship.  This is the perfect pressure-free preparation for private OR group instrumental instruction.

Spring 2018 Classes:
Spring Semester 2
 Playing simple musical patterns and songs on the featured instrument from the first session—the glockenspiel—is a central focus this semester. While learning to sing a melody, and then play the pattern on the glockenspiel, we'll delve deeper into the understanding of musical concepts through orchestral-style music such as the William Tell Overture and Peter and the Wolf. Music appreciation and understanding continues with a complete introduction to the instruments of the orchestra.

Spring Semester 4 (continuing students only) - In this final semester, we'll introduce the recorder instrument. As your child is introduced to basic methods of playing simple melodic patterns and songs on this wind instrument, we'll also incorporate the instruments, concepts, and songs from previous semesters. With a special emphasis on multicultural music, your child will learn to improvise and write music, as well as experience the musical styles of the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Africa; plus play special dances and children's games from around the world, including the Alpine region, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Your Home Materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you'll hear about from class, so your child—and you!—can learn where you're most comfortable: at home.

Class structure: 1 class per week for 14 weeks

Class Length: 60 minutes/week

Spring 2018 Semester: January 29 - May 14, 2018 (starting and ending dates vary by location, please see the weekly calendar)

Spring 2018
Webster Groves
First United Methodist Church
  600 N. Bompart
Webster Groves, MO 63119
Tuesday  5:00-6:00p - Young Child 2 for Spring
Thursday 6:00-7:00p - Young Child 4 for Spring - continuing students only

Spring 2018 Tuition:
$238 per semester, plus kit fee & $10 per semester registration fee.

Material Kit Fees:

  • Young Child semester 3 kitYoung Child semester 1 kitSpring semester 2 (new Young Child students): $80 includes Children's Folder with stickers, games bag, Music at Home Cards, Family
    Songbook, Home CD of music from class, glockenspiel, and carry bag.
  • Spring semester 2 (returning Young Child students): $50 without carry bag or glockenspiel.
  • Spring semester 4 (continuing students only): $58 includes Children’s Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards, Family Songbook, Home CD of music from class, and soprano recorder.
  • Spring semester 4 sibling kit: $50 without recorder.
  • Materials are non-refundable once opened

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