Annual Academic Conference

Each year the WUCI invites scholars in various China-related domains to the Webster University campus for a day of academic exchange. This event is free and open to the public. Check back soon for details about the Fall 2022 Conference!

Academic Conference

Past Events

The Confucius Institute at Webster University hosted an academic conference on September 4, 2019 titled "Embracing the World: China's Transformation in the New Era, 1978-2019."  

This conference was free and open to all community members. It was be held in Webster University's East Academic Building, Rooms 253/262 and the Commons. The art exhibition "Wandering in Nature," in which the renowned artist Dengbai Yuejin made his American debut, took place concurrently in the commons area with the opening ceremony. 

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Conference Schedule

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Art Exhibition News

Art Exhibition at the St. Louis County Library, Mid-County Branch Flyer