St. Louis Area Annual Chinese Bridge Competition

Chinese Bridge Contestant

The St. Louis Area Annual Chinese Bridge Competition gives local students of Chinese a place to showcase their learning and engage in friendly competition. The contest takes place in the spring semester of each academic year and is open to students in grades K-12. By taking on the challenge this competition presents, participants are sure to grow in their Chinese speaking abilities and cultural knowledge.

The 2021 Chinese Bridge Competition was co-organized by Saint Louis Chinese Teachers’ Working Group (SLCTWG) and the Confucius Institute at Webster University (WUCI). Find this year's submission requirements below. Requirements are subject to revision each year.

2021 Entry Requirements

  • Your parent MUST fill out the registration form.
  • Take a picture of these directions so you have them for later.

  • Videos must be NO MORE THAN three minutes each.
  • Record both* videos (the talent/skill and the speech) SEPARATELY.
  • Recordings must be continuous; do NOT include re-starts, stops, re-dos, mess-ups, etc.

  • For the speech, name it like this: ParticipantFirstNameLastNameSPEECH
  • For the talent or skill, name it like this: ParticipantFirstNameLastNameTALENTSKILL

  • In your browser type:
  • Download WeTransfer to your device for free
  • In the "Email to" line type:
  • In the "Your email" line type your school email address
  • In the "message box" type: ParticipantFirstNameLastName Chinese Bridge Submission
  • FIRM submission deadline: April 28, 2021
*Participants are not required to enter both the talent/skill and the speech categories, but it is STRONGLY encouraged, as the scores are computed together. To be eligible for the top three winning spots, participants must enter both categories.