Testing Information

HSK-Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an international Chinese proficiency written exam for non-native Chinese speakers, it consists of six levels, namely HSK (level 1), HSK (level 2), HSK (level 3), HSK (level 4), HSK (level 5), HSK (level 6).

HSKK-Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi is a standardized Chinese language oral test. It consists of three levels, HSKK (Elementary level), HSKK (Intermediate level) and HSKK (Advanced level), which is conducted in the form of audio recording.

  • Your gateway to study in China
  • A must for applying for scholarships and summer camps
  • Plus for career building

Test format: Paper-based Test

Test time:
The October 17, 2020 test has been canceled. Stay tuned for future test dates.

HSK Written Test-Level 2,4,6 Start time 9:00am
HSK Written Test-Level 1,3,5 Start time 1:30pm
HSKK afternoon

Test center:
The Confucius Institute at Webster University

Test location:
Webster University
470 East Lockwood Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63119

Written Test Cost ($) Oral Test Cost ($)
HSK (level 1) 20 HSKK (Elementary) 20
HSK (level 2) 30
HSK (level 3) 40 HSKK (Intermediate) 30
HSK (level 4) 50
HSK (level 5) 60 HSKK (Advanced) 40
HSK (level 6) 70

Register and pay online: https://www.chinesetest.cn/index.do

If you have difficulty registering or paying online, please contact clecompte24@webster.edu.