SOE Briefings Series

The School of Education Briefings series is designed to provide a space to build a community of educators who care about learners’ capability to live a happy and meaningful life in today’s world. These educators are looking for progressive teaching strategies that embrace innovation without losing sight of both the teachers and the learners.

These briefings are free public events and open to anyone who cares about the future of education in the U.S. and around the world. Topics of the briefing focus on pressing issues faced by teachers and educators in and out of the classroom setting.

Women sitting around a table talking and laughing

Teaching at a Crossroads

Women sitting around a table talking and laughing

Designed to provide a place and a platform for the School of Education to lead an ongoing conversation with community partners everywhere.

New events will be scheduled every month, with more details coming soon.


Teaching At A Crossroads Virtual Events

The future of education is in our hands. The global pandemics has accelerated the pace of digital technology adoptions in K-12 classrooms and activated higher education to rethink the method of teaching and the meaning of learning across many fields of study. However, teachers are not always prepared to integrate digital tools and technologies to help learners document, demonstrate, communicate, and interpret content across curriculum. Our panelists are two faculty members in Webster's School of Education and a community teaching partner from The Soulard School in St. Louis, Missouri, who share their thoughts and collective experiences of:

  • Digital Pedagogy: Why is it important for the future of education in the U.S.?
  • Transformative Learning: Sharing examples of learner-centered practices in the classrooms.
  • Community Partners: Providing real-world experiences for apprentice teachers to help learners learn.

This video features Stephanie Mahfood, PhD, Associate Dean and Director of Field Experience, Nicole (Yin Lam) Lee-Johnson, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of EdD Program, and our community partner, Roxanna Mechem, PhD, Assistant Superintendent of Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District. They came together to discus challenges faced by teachers, educators and students in school systems across America, and suggested opportunities to build a brighter future in education after the pandemic.

(More Info Coming Soon)

(More Info Coming Soon)