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Emergency Loans

Emergency Loans – updated 3-17-20

Currently, Webster students enrolled in the St. Louis area may apply for an emergency loan of up to $500. The student MUST speak with an approved Student Affairs staff member to apply, then take the voucher to the Business Office for the cash. The amount of the loan will be applied to your student account, and a $5.00 service charge will apply.

Hours to apply: Mon–Fri 8:30 am–3 pm (NOTE: Emergency Loans are ONLY offered when the University is open)

You can print out the Emergency Loan Application Form (PDF), complete it, and take it with you to Jenny Andrews in the Student Affairs Office, or to one of the following staff members: 

Larry Morris
Colette Cummings
Justin Barton
John Link
John Holste
Jen Stewart
Katie Knetzer
Billy Ratz