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Institutional Review Board Forms

Application Checklist

Technology Requirements

The proposal forms listed below and designated with an asterisk (*) are dynamic forms. Dynamic forms are not supported by internet browsers. Once you click the link to open the form, you will see the "Please wait.." error message below from Adobe. You must download the form (with the error message) and save it to your desktop as a PDF. You will then need to open the saved form from your desktop in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


It is strongly recommended that you save your work. Dynamic forms are compatible for work to be saved if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The latest Adobe products are available from Webster University through Adobe Creative Cloud. If you have any questions about Adobe Creative Cloud, please reach out to the IT Service Desk at extension 5995 (314-968-5995).

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You must use the most current forms. Proposals submitted on outdated forms will be returned unreviewed.

Applicants and approvers should type their name into signature boxes. There is no need to scan signature pages. Faculty sponsors, after carefully reviewing and approving a student's complete application, should type in their name as a signature, then submit the original PDF application on behalf of their students. Please do not submit scanned copies of applications.

How to Successfully Navigate the IRB Application Process [pdf]: This is a resource to guide you through properly completing the required Application for Use of Human Subjects. This resource provides tips and examples.

Application for Use of Human Subjects* [pdf]: This dynamic form must be submitted when the researcher methodology involves utilizing interviews, surveys, questionnaires, observation, and public and private records as part of their research. (Current form dated 05/2017)

Letter of Consent for Research at a non-Webster University Site [pdf]: This form must be used to obtain permission to conduct research at a location or institution outside of Webster University. The signed form must be submitted with the application. (Current form dated 11/10/10)

Statement of International Research Conduct* [pdf]: This dynamic form must be submitted when the investigator is conducting research outside of the United States. This form documents that the applicable international processes have been followed. Researchers should review the information on the International Research page. Faculty members have a responsibility to inform students of the policies and procedures for obtaining IRB approval, including Webster University policy for international research. (Current form dated 07/2016) 

Change-In-Protocol [word]: This form must be submitted if the researcher needs to change any element of the research design after initial approval has been granted. (Current form dated 07/2013)

Accepting Approval from Another Institution’s IRB Form [word]: This form must be submitted when the researcher wants to rely upon another institution's IRB approval in lieu of submitting a protocol (using the Webster University application form) to the Webster IRB for review and approval, consistent with 45 CFR 46.114(Current form dated 06/2016)

Deception Appendix [word]: This form must be completed when the research design involves deception. This includes deception by omission (an important aspect of the study is withheld from the participant) and deception by commission (the participant is misled about the true purpose of the research). Researchers must also complete the IRB Application form. (Current form dated 08/2007)

Medical Appendix [word]: This form must be completed when the research design involves administering drugs, taking tissue samples, giving injections, drawing blood, administering nutritional supplements, or any other invasive medical procedure. Researchers must also complete the IRB Application form. (Current form dated 08/2007)

Periodic Review and End-Of-Project [word]: The Principal Investigator is responsible for completing the Periodic Review and End-Of-Project Form after their research project has been completed. As per Federal Regulations, this form must be completed in a timely fashion. Failure to complete this form will result in a request to cease research. If the research in question continues, a complaint of misconduct may be filed against the Principal Investigator. Faculty Advisors may be asked to discontinue conducting research if their students do not respond to the IRB requests. (Current form dated 08/2007)

IRB Expeditor


Kara Carline
Academic Affairs
Loretto Hall 151
470 E. Lockwood Ave
St. Louis, MO 63119
Phone: (314) 246-7476





IRB Chair


Vicki Coopmans, Nurse Anesthesia