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Academic programs at Webster University are taught by faculty who are experienced professionals within their respective fields. In Colorado Springs, the University offers career-enhancing opportunities in each educational program and small class sizes that are perfect places for networking. With full-time, part-time and online programs, we provide students with the academic resources needed to achieve their educational goals.


January 4, 2021 - March 5, 2021

**Denotes courses that are WebNet+ with COLO as Host. *Denotes Courses that are Webnet+ with COLO as Satellite


Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000* 36 Business (WebNet/LTRK): CT Cox—
BUSN 6110* 36 Operations and Project Management (WebNet/LTRK): CT  Sample—
CSSS 5000* 36 Intro to Cybersecurity (WebNet/ DWTN): CT Ackerman—
CSSS 5120** 36 Cybersecurity Infrastructures (WebNet): MT Tirman—
HRDV 5630* 36 Organization Development and Change (WebNet/LRAF): CT Anderson—
SPSM 5710** 36 Space Communications Systems (WebNet): MT Fletcher—
BUSN 5600* 36 Accounting Theory and Practice (WebNet/KANS): CT Strickland—
BUSN 6070* 36 Management Accounting (WebNet/DWTN): CT Berry—
MBA 5200* 36 The Financial Value of Capital Projects (WebNet/WEBG): CT TBA (Day/Time subject to change)
MNGT 5000* 36 Management Dynamics (WebNet/KANS): CT Houpe—
MNGT 5590* 36 Organizational Behavior (WebNet/LTRK): CT Grau—
SPSM 5000** 36 Space Environment (WebNet): MT Youden—
BUSN 5300* 36 Project Procurement Management (WebNet/DWTN): CT Williams—
BUSN 5760* 36 Applied Business Statistics (WebNet/LTRK): CT Bogacz—
CSSS 5140* 36 Cybsecurity Strategic Operations (WebNet/KANS): CT TBA
ITM 5000* 36 Information Technology Management: Overview (WebNet/HILL): MT TBA
MBA 5030* 36 Market Analysis and Business Planning (WebNet/WEBG): CT TBA
PROC 5830** 36 Pricing (WebNet): MT Palmen—
SPSM 5750** 36 Space Systems Engineering (WebNet): MT Russel—
CSSS 5160** 36 Encryption Methods and Techniques (WebNet): MT Tirman—
FINC 5000* 36 Finance (WebNet/WING): CT TBA
HRDV 6000 36 Integrated Studies in HRDV (WebNet): MT Trovas—
HRMG 5930* 36 Labor-Management Relations (WebNet/LTRK): CT Volpe—
ITM 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in ITM (WebNet): MT Trovas—
MNGT 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in MNGT (WebNet): MT Trovas—
PROC 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in PROC  (WebNet): MT Trovas—
SPSM 5910** 36 Space Systems Integration (WebNet): MT Trovas—
* = COLO is Satellite campus     ** = COLO is host campus

March 15, 2021 - May 14, 2021

**Denotes courses that are WebNet+ with COLO as Host. *Denotes Courses that are Webnet+ with COLO as Satellite


Course Section Description Instructor
MRKT 5000** 36 Foundation of Marketing Strategic Thinking (WebNet): MT Rochette—
SPSM 6000** 36 Practical Research in Space Operations (WebNet): MT Hine—
BUSN 5000* CL Business (WebNet/KANS): CT TBA
BUSN 6120* 36 Managerial Economics (WebNet/LRAF): CT Ford—
CSSS 5000* CL Intro to Cybersecurity (WebNet/ KANS): CT TBA
CSSS 5110* 36 Cybersecurity Communications (WebNet/ KANS): CT TBA
HRDV 5560* 36 Group Development and Change (WebNet/WEST): CT Kammien—
ITM 5300* 36 Procurement & Contract Management for ITM (WebNet/SCOT): ET TBA
MBA 5100* 36 Adding Value Through Human Capital (WebNet/WEBG): CT TBA
MNGT 5590* CL Organizational Behavior (WebNet/LTRK): CT Grau—
SPSM 5770** 36 Space Operations Management (WebNet): MT Russel—
BUSN 5700* 36 Advances in Project Management (WebNet/ DWTN): CT TBA
BUSN 6200* 36 Strategy and Competition (WebNet/ LTRK): CT Govan—
CSSS 5130** 36 Cybersecurity Intelligence/ Counter-Intelligence (WebNet): MT Kinser—
HRMG 5000* 36 Managing Human Resources (WebNet/ KANS): CT TBA
MBA 5300* 36 Providing Value to Customers (WebNet/WEBG): CT TBA
SPSM 5930** 36 Space Systems Laws and Policy (WebNet): MT Bowman—
BUSN 5200* 36 Basic Finance for Managers (WebNet/LTRK) CT: TBA
CSSS 5220* 36 Cybersecurity Threat Detection (WebNet/KANS) CT: TBA
FINC 5880* 36 Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet/WING) CT: TBA
PROC 5840* 36 Negotiations (WebNet/HILL) MT TBA
** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus



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Accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Webster University in Colorado Springs offers unique 9-week courses, such as graduate classes in space systems operations and cybersecurity, where students complete projects that support professional development. With full-time, part-time and online programs available, students who enroll in classes at Webster position themselves for career advancement and new professional opportunities.