Fort Gordon: Student Resources

Academic programs at Webster University are taught by faculty who are experienced professionals within their respective fields. At Fort Gordon, the University offers career-enhancing opportunities in each educational program and small class sizes that are perfect places for networking. With full-time, part-time and online programs, we provide students with the academic resources needed to achieve their education goals.



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Future Student Opportunities

Webster University at Fort Gordon offers in-class graduate programs, as well as online graduate, undergraduate completion, and certificate programs. Academic programs at Webster University unite theory and practice at every campus location around the world. As students continue to enroll in classes and take advantage of Webster's extensive network of locations, graduate-level study offers unique academic opportunities in each educational program.

With a variety of goals, Webster students are advancing their current careers and also embarking on new ones. Whether you are studying full-time, part-time or online, Webster University provides the benefits of a student-centered education with a real-world perspective.

About Webster University–Fort Gordon

Many students find that the location, small class sizes and individual attention at Webster University–Fort Gordon result in better networking opportunities and successful learning outcomes within their profession or local community.

Webster personalizes education to meet specific goals and schedule demands while maintaining full-time employment or actively serving in the military. At Fort Gordon and around the world, Webster University is recognized as a leader in global education and a pioneer in adult and military education.