Fort Jackson: Student Resources

Academic programs at Webster University are taught by faculty who are experienced professionals within their respective fields. In Fort Jackson, the University offers career-enhancing opportunities in each educational program and small class sizes that are perfect places for networking. With full-time, part-time and online programs, we provide students with the academic resources needed to achieve their education goals.


January 1: First day to log into SP1 online classes

January 8: Drop Date Deadline
January 18: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Campus Closed)
March 4: Summer Registration begins
March 5: SP1 2021 classes end
March 8-12: Spring Break



Course Section Description Instructor Day
HRDV 5000 FK Introduction to Human Resources Development (Zoom) Staff Mon
HRMG 5000 FK Managing Human Resources (Zoom) Staff Thur
MBA 5010 FK Value Creation (Zoom) Staff Mon
MBA 5020 FK Quantitative Methods for the MBA (Zoom) Staff Wed
MNGT 5000 FK Management (Zoom) Staff Tue
MNGT 6000 FK Integrated Studies in Management (Zoom) Staff Wed


March 15, 2021 - May 14, 2021

March 19: SP2 Drop Date Deadline
April12: Fall 1 2021 Registration begins
April 23: SP 2 Withdrawal Deadline
May 14: SP 2 Classes end



Course Section Description Instructor Day
HRDV 5610 FJ Training and Development (Zoom) Staff Thur
MBA 5030 FJ Market Analysis and Business Planning (Zoom) Staff Thur
MBA 5100 FJ Adding Value through Human Capital (Zoom) Staff Mon
MNGT 5590 FJ Organizational Behavior (Zoom) Staff Tue
MNGT 5650 FJ Management and Strategy (Zoom) Staff Wed






Additional Student Resources



Future Student Opportunities

Webster University in Fort Jackson offers flexible class schedules and 9-week courses to accommodate military assignments and working professionals. With full-time, part-time and online programs available, students who enroll in classes at Webster position themselves for career advancement and new professional opportunities.