Webster University’s cooperative degree program with the U.S. Army Pacific Command Regional Leader Development Program-Pacific (RLDP-P) provides one program for pre-approved graduate transfer credit. Transfer credit for the RLDP-P program is approved up to 15 credit hours of graduate transfer credits. The credit can be applied to Masters programs in the Walker School of Business & Technology and select programs in the College of Arts and Sciences including the MS in Criminal Justice, MS in Environmental Management, MA in Gerontology, MA in Human Services, MA in International Relations, MA in Legal Studies, MA in National Security Studies, and the MS in Science Management and Leadership. Transfer work can be used as either core courses or elective courses, depending on program requirements. Some programs may accept fewer credits based on specific degree requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Completion of first 3 phases of the Regional Leader Development Program-Pacific (RLDP-P).
  2. Application and admission to one of the Webster University graduate programs listed above following prescribed admission procedures.


  1. Submission of an official transcript showing completion of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited academic institution.
  2. Submission of a certificate showing completion of the first two phases of the Regional Leader Development Program-Pacific and a copy of the official letter awarding the 6Z Skill Identifier.
  3. Submission of an official CGSC transcript. 

Transfer Credit Awarded

Pre-approved Course Substitutions: The following coursework from the RLDP-P (taken at CGSC) are pre-approved course substitutions. Webster courses do not substitute to the CGSC program.


Webster University Courses RLDP-P
INTL 5600-Area Studies


Completion of first 3 phases of program.

INTL 5645-Asian Area Studies
Graduate Elective Courses-9 hours

Updated January 12, 2021



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