Rosemarie Cereghino


Adjunct Professor of Voice

Rosemarie CereghinoSoprano Rosemarie Cereghino is a 15-year adjunct member of the voice faculty. She has devoted her career to music and education. Ms. Cereghino earned the BA in Music (piano performance) from Washington University, where she also took the MAEd She received her MM in Vocal Performance in 1995 from Webster University. A lifelong learner, she has continued her education, studying vocal pedagogy methods with Richard Miller and Oren Brown, the McClosky method, and popular style with Lisa Popeil. Most recently she received certification in Somatic Voicework (TM)—The LoVetri Method, a highly-recognized method of teaching contemporary commercial music vocal technique. Ms. Cereghino has accumulated more than 40 hours in speech and language pathology and spent a year in the clinical doctoral program in audiology at Washington University School of Medicine, thereby garnering a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms.

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