About the Online Learning Center | Webster University

About the Online Learning Center

The mission of the Online Learning Center (OLC) is to create a quality online learning experience for Webster University students and faculty by providing leadership, direction, and a range of support services.


  • Work with academic departments to develop plans and strategies for the delivery of online courses and programs.
  • Assist faculty in the development and delivery of online course, including training, instructional design, course development, and online technical support.
  • Administer the daily operations of WorldClassRoom.
  • Coordinate support and information for online students with various university offices, including admissions, registration, advising, and more.

Contact Us

Should you need more assistance, simply contact the Online Learning Center and we would be glad to assist you.


  • (866) 622-0888




Michael Cottam
Dean and Associate Vice President of Military Campuses Online Education / Director of Online Learning Center
(314) 246-5972

Operations and Faculty Support

Tyann Cherry
(314) 246-7885

Kris Spencer
Academic Coordinator
(314) 968-7025

Karen Wakeland
Textbook Representative
(314) 246-8788

Beth Fiock
(314) 246-7896

Course Development & WorldClassRoom Administration Team

Sandra Beins
LMS Specialist
(314) 246-7599

Brandon Davis
Course Developer
(314) 246-4219

Ryan McDowell
Course Developer
(314) 246-7623

Barrett Stokes
Course Developer
(314) 246-8628

Jarred Truschke

Online Student Admissions Team

Debbie McWilliams
(314) 246-7646

Mollie Baker
Online Student Admission Counselor
(314) 246-8601

Joy Baldassare
Online Student Admission Counselor
(314) 246-7463

Adam Moss
Online Student Admission Counselor
(314) 246-7972

Online Learning Administration and Student Services Team

Jessica Hanses
Online Student Success Coach
(314) 246-7952

Amy Whited-Hylton
(314) 246-8716

Michelle Loyet
(314) 246-7762

Kate Pitman
Online Student Orientation & Support Specialist
(314) 246-8207

Katherine O’Connor
Online Student Retention Coordinator
(314) 246-7884

Instructional Design, Training and Support Team

Kevin Gitonga
(314) 246-7598

Lori Kovarik
Instructional Designer
(314) 246-7402

Sarah Kuehnle
Instructional Designer
(314) 246-7762

Melissa LaMonica
Instructional Designer
(314) 246-8209

Angela Ruble
Instructional Designer
(314) 246-8615

Kate Sprague
Instructional Designer
Training Specialist

(314) 246-8728

Shawn Vlad
Instructional Designer
(314) 246-8714

School of Business & Technology Online Coordinators

James Meadows
Online Faculty Coordinator
(314) 246-7824