Study Abroad & Students with Disabilities

All Webster students are encouraged to study abroad, and many do. The standard Webster application for study abroad will ask students to disclose any conditions that may affect their experience, including conditions that have been registered as disabilities through the ARC. However, these disclosures will never affect whether or not a student is accepted into a given program. When a student with disabilities registered with the Academic Resource Center makes plans to study abroad at an international Webster campus, the ARC will send a copy of the existing Webster accommodations notice to the campus or academic director at the international location and will follow up to ensure that the student's needs are being accommodated.

Students with disabilities should meet with the study abroad advisor to see which campus would be the best fit for them. Since studying abroad often brings new challenges, however, students with disabilities may wish to contact the ARC assistant director/ADA coordinator ahead of time for additional advice and preparation. Which international campus will best fit your academic needs? Which campus has accommodations for the disability? Students should examine their specific needs and adaptions to make sure their campus of choice will be able to accommodate them during each part of the program (arrival, orientation, campus life, classrooms, travel, and technology).

Once students are abroad, they'll need to be realistic about the challenges they'll be facing. Perhaps students who are usually very self-sufficient will realize that they will need more assistance than normal. Students will need to be open to challenges in their new culture, as well as new experiences.

For students with disabilities, they may find that studying abroad, which can be a life-changing, though demanding experience, will present to them a new set of challenges. Laws and cultures of an international location may not be the same as in the U.S. Though study abroad may create a new challenge for students with disabilities, those who are interested are encouraged to

Here are some additional outside resources which may be useful to students with disabilities (or their families) as they plan to study abroad.