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Sally Bliss“I love working at Webster because it provides an environment to grow and experiment without any pretense. The students are incredibly curious and hard working.

There is no greater satisfaction than achieving big dreams. I have seen my dreams come true. I am here to support my students in reaching their goals, no matter what they are. “
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Alicia Mack, MA
(Former Principal Dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater & Dance Theatre of Harlem)

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Webster University’s Department of Dance in the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts educates students to become skilled, creative, and compassionate thinking artists for 21st century careers as performers, choreographers, educators, and scholars by:

Promoting the uniqueness and wholeness of the individual artist by sustaining a personalized approach through direct relationships with faculty and staff, and attention to student life.

Challenging students to strive for depth of expertise in their discipline by joining theory and practice, encouraging rigor in creativity and scholarship, and fostering a lifelong desire to learn.

Engaging students as performers, choreographers, and teachers to be inclusive and compassionate by instilling a culture of respect for diversity and understanding of their own and others’ values.

Embracing dance as an art form within a global community by educating a diverse population with an international perspective that acts responsibly and consciously toward social and environmental issues, strengthening the communities we serve.

We invite you to join us at Webster Dance and take the first step toward your career as a performer, choreographer, and educator. For information on how to get started, click: Future Students.

James W. Robey                                     Beckah Reed
Chair                                                       Artistic Director        

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