Webster Live

4th Annual William T. Kemper Speaker:

Undergraduate Research Keynote

Hosted by Webster Faculty Development Center

Thursday October 29th, 2015 | 11:30am CDT | East Academic Building - 253/262 | Webster University - St. Louis

Presentation by Bethany Usher, Director of Students as Scholars, George Mason University

Usher will present “Integrating (and loving) teaching and scholarship through undergraduate research,” and discuss how undergraduate research is the core of a great college experience for faculty and students. Working collaboratively with undergraduate students helps faculty maintain research interests while mentoring the next generation of scholars, practitioners, and citizens. Integrating scholarly work with teaching is a way to make classes more interesting to students and more fun to teach. This talk will explore the value of undergraduate involvement in research and scholarly projects in all disciplines, and making these experiences available to all students. 

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