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About Webster University in Tashkent

At Webster, students have access to classes taught in English by faculty from abroad as well as local faculty with international work and teaching experience. Our English-language environment, small class sizes, our study programs and class curricula designed in the United States, combined with the Global Citizenship Program result in a Webster University degree. Along with formal learning situations, Webster provides students with a framework to participate in activities and clubs which add to their education experience. Finally, Webster University’s Study Abroad program will enable us to both have our students go abroad during their studies, and to host Webster students from other campuses. 

Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. With campuses in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Webster University is recognized as a leader in international education.

Webster University in Tashkent was established by a Decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated March 20, 2019 as a result of partnership between Webster University’s leadership and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Campus Rector's Message: Welcome to Webster University in Tashkent!

Dr. John Grainger, Campus Director of Webster TashkentI warmly welcome you to Webster University’s newest international campus, the first American university established in Central Asia. We offer you the opportunity, not only to become a “global citizen”, but encourage you to reach for your dreams and achieve your goals in the diverse company of more than 13000 truly international Webster students across the world.

Webster’s mission statement commits every one of our 62 global campuses to providing high-quality educational experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. To this end, our new Tashkent truly magnificent campus environment offers you a unique opportunity to study close to home within your comfort zone of family and friends. 

In addition, at a very reasonable cost, we also enable you to study abroad in Webster campuses across USA, Asia, Europe and Africa, as well as participating in internships and extra-curricular activities designed to help you fully engage with university life. 

Our world-class faculty and committed staff are dedicated to ensure your future success both at our university and beyond. Our international curriculum, superb modern facilities, engaging classroom discussions and diverse student body, combine to offer you something that few institutions can - a truly global educational experience!

I encourage you to get involved; engage with our faculty, students, staff and make your mark in the community at large.  Almost 500 students have already made an excellent decision in choosing Webster Tashkent so far in our inaugural year and I encourage you to visit our campus and engage with our vibrant, bright, thoughtful, entrepreneurial and respectful community. 

Best wishes,

Dr. John Grainger, Campus Rector


Corporate Social Responsibility at Webster University in Tashkent

As an institution dedicated to “thinking global but acting local”, Webster University’s mission in Uzbekistan is not only to provide our students with a world-class education, but also to engage with the larger community in Tashkent and country as a whole. 

As a part of that, Webster held its first Corporate Social Responsibility event in November 2019. Webster University partnered with an organization called Opa-singillar, which provides support and advocacy for women and children with disabilities. Opa-singillar invited children living in Qibray to participate in the meeting with Webster students on the day of American Thanksgiving, November 28th. Fifteen student volunteers interacted with the children and presented them with small gifts. The organization had also been presented with heaters, which will be used to make the space comfortable for other events and gatherings. Click here to read about it on Webster News.


Our Campus in Tashkent

Webster Tashkent facade
Webster Tashkent main entrance
Webster Tashkent fountain in courtyard
Webster Tashkent courtyard facade
Webster Tashkent hallway
Webster Tashkent students' coworking room
Webster Tashkent students in courtyard
Webster University main campus