Graduate Catalog Addendum/Errata


Effective 1 June 2017 through 31 May 2018

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Below are listed additions and corrections to the 2016-17 Graduate Studies Catalog since its publication on 01 June 2016. All corrections listed below have been made in the main online catalog sections to which they apply and will appear in the print version of those individual pages. They do not appear, however, in the PDF version of the full catalog.

This page was last updated on 18 November 2016.

Changes by Department/Program:

Course Descriptions

Changes by Date:

06 July 2016

Accreditation and Memberships

Under Licensure/Approvals and Specialized Accreditation, the licensure information for Kansas should read:

The metropolitan campus at Kansas City, MO is approved by the  Kansas Board of Regents.

Kansas Board of Regents
1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 520
Topeka, KS 66612-1368
(785) 296-3421

It is the mutual goal of the Kansas Board of Regents and the certified institutions to provide quality educational training and programs. When problems arise, students should make every attempt to find a fair and reasonable solution by taking the steps outlined in the complaint process

Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Emphasis in Marketing

The requirements for the MBA with an emphasis in Marketing should read as follows:

MBA with an Emphasis in Marketing (55 credits)
The MBA with an emphasis in marketing must include the following courses:

    • MRKT 5610 Marketing Channel Management (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5720 Promotional Management (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5730 International Marketing (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5740 Management of Digital Marketing (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5850 Marketing Research (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5895 Marketing Analytics (3 hours)
    • MRKT 5960 Marketing Management (3 hours)
    • MRKT 6000 Integrated Studies in Marketing (3 hours)

Early Childhood Education (MAT)

Under Additional Courses Required for Certification, the course list should read:

    • CMAT 5000 Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 hours)
      (To be completed within the first 2 semesters; must be taken in residence at Webster; grade of B- or better required) 
    • COMM 5000 Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry for children (3 hours)
    • COMM 5840 Reading and Writing as Cognitive Processes (3 hours)
    • ECED 5431 Practicum: Infant/Toddler(1 hour)
    • ECED 5461 Practicum: Pre-Primary (1 hour)
    • ECED 5462 Practicum: Primary (1 hour)
    • EDUC 4020 Health, Nutrition and Safety (3 hours)
    • EDUC 5080 Planning for the Inclusive Classroom (3 hours)
    • EPSY 5130 Educational Psychology (3 hours)
    • EPSY 5505 Applied Development & Educational Psychology (3 hours)
    • EPSY 5170 W1/SPED 5250 Behavioral Management (3 hours)
    • EDTC 5410 Technology In-Service Topics (1 hour)
    • SPED 5860 Psychology of the Exceptional Student (3 hours)

07 July 2016

Doctor of Management (DMgt)

Under Admission Requirements, the three top lines discussing the application deadline should be replaced with the following text:

The program accepts applications beginning November 1 for the subsequent year.

Campus Locations and Offerings/Online Programs

The list of Current Online Programs should be amended to read:

College of Arts & Sciences

    • Graduate Degrees
      • Environmental Management (MS)
      • Gerontology (MA)
      • International Relations (MA)
      • Science Management & Leadership (MS)
    • Graduate Certificates
      • Applied Gerontology Enhancement & Specialization
      • Environmental Sustainability
      • Gerontology
      • Science Management & Leadership

George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology

    • Graduate Degrees
      • Business and Organizational Security Management (MA)
      • Cybersecurity (MS)
      • Finance (MS)
      • Human Resources Development (MA)
      • Human Resources Management (MA)
      • Information Technology Management (MA)
      • Management and Leadership (MA)
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • Procurement and Acquisitions Management (MA)
      • Space System Operations Management (MS)
    • Graduate Certificates
      • Cybersecurity-Threat Detection
      • Global Business
      • Government Contracting
      • Project Management

School of Communications

    • Graduate Degrees
      • Advertising and Marketing Communications (MA)
      • Communications Management (MA)
      • Media Communications (MA)
      • Public Relations (MA)

School of Education

    • Graduate Degrees
      • Communication Arts Education (MA)
      • Education and Innovation (MA)
      • Educational Leadership (EdS)
      • Educational Technology (MET)
      • Educational Technology Leadership (EdS)
      • School Systems, Superintendency and Leadership (EdS)
      • Special Education (MA)
      • Teaching English as a Second Language (MA)
    • Graduate Certificate
      • Applied Behavior Analysis (AGC)
      • Education for Global Sustainability
      • Leadership in Tiered Systems of Support (AGC)
      • Mobile Technology in Education
      • Online Teaching and Learning
      • Pedagogical Coordination in the Reggio Emilia Approach
      • Psychoeducational Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Youth
      • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
      • Teaching Globalization and History
      • Tiered Instruction and Interventions: RTI & PBIS

Academic Policies/Sequential Master's Degree/International Business

For the MA in International Business, the correct minimum number of hours should be 36

Special Education (MAT)

The correct course number for Language Arts Seminar is COMM 5340

Elementary Education (MAT)

The correct course number for Psychoeducational Assessment is SPED 5240 

18 July 2016

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Transformative Learning  in the Global Community

The list of Required Courses should be listed as follows:

    • EDOC 7120 Global Histories and Politics in Education (3 hours)
    • EDOC 7130 Global Communications Technologies in Educational Systems (3 hours)
    • EDOC 7140 Educational Equity and Ethics: Theory and Policies (3 hours)
    • EDOC 7150 Social Justice & Transformative Learning (3 hours)
    • EDOC 7500 First Service Learning/ Internship (6 hours)
    • EDOC 7510 Interdisciplinary Pro-seminar I (2 hours)
    • EDOC 7520 Interdisciplinary Pro-seminar II (2 hours)
    • EDOC 7530 Interdisciplinary Pro-seminar IIl (2 hours)
    • EDOC 7540 Interdisciplinary Pro-seminar IV (2 hours)
    • EDOC 8000 Dissertation (minimum 10 credits)

Course Descriptions/SPED

The correct prerequisite for SPED 5245 Counseling for Life's Transitions is SPED 5860

16 August 2016

School of Education/Individualized Advanced Graduate Certificate

The Individualized Advanced Graduate Certificate program was discontinued as of the 2016-17 academic year. It was included in this catalog in error and has been removed.

Academic Policies/Sequential Master's Degrees/Human Services

The correct minimum number of credit hours for a sequential MA in Human Services is 24.

Middle School Education (MAT)

Under Content Areas, the Science section has been slightly modified to meet DTE recommendations:

Science:  24 hours

    • 4-5 hours Biology with lab
    • 4-5 hours Chemistry with lab
    • 4-5 hours Physics with lab or Physical Science with lab
    • 9-12 hours of coursework addressing
      • Astronomy
      • Environmental Science
      • Physical Geology
      • Meteorology

 03 October 2016

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP (Certificate)

This program is currently offered only on the St. Louis home campus.

Course Descriptions/CMAT

Course descriptions on this page should include:

CMAT 5101 Practicum: Middle School Mathematics (3)
This practicum is in a middle school setting for 135 hours in a classroom involving observations, lesson planning and teaching. A schedule of when the teacher candidate is in the classroom is established in conjunction with the cooperating teacher. To enroll in a practicum, students must make formal application to the Office of Apprentice Teaching and Field Experience. Practicum applications for spring placements are due by September 15 in Tk20. Practicum applications for fall are due by February 15 in Tk20. Five of nine assignments in Passport 2 must be completed before the start of practicum.

Global MA in International Relations (GMA)

Admission Requirements should read:

  • A completed Graduate Application for Admission, which can be completed and submitted online at

    Important Note: When asked to choose a program on the online application, applicants should select "St. Louis campuses" > "St Louis Home campus" > "Graduate", and then choose "Global International Relations." Applicants do not have to submit another application specific to the GMAIR program.
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee, which can be submitted online with the application for admission.
  • An official transcript showing conferral of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who completed their university education outside the US must have earned a comparable recognized bachelor's degree, as determined by Webster University. Students who expect to earn their bachelor's degree by July (the month prior to the start of the program) must submit an official transcript showing current academic progress. A final degree-conferred transcript must be submitted for full admission. Applicants who have completed graduate-level work should also request an official graduate transcript to be mailed to the Office of Admission.
  • Students should have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 out of a 4.0 grading scale from their bachelor's degree. Students with below this GPA may be considered for admission if they show successful academic achievement in their junior and senior years. This is considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • A current resume showing education, work, and volunteer experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation which speak to the applicant's motivation, character, and ability to be successful in an intensive, 11-month graduate program that requires significant travel. One letter should come from a former or current professor/instructor. Recommendation letters should be written in narrative form and no more than one page in length. Applicants may submit recommendation letters with their application packet.
  • A phone interview or essay may be required.

10 October 2016

International Human Rights (MA)

This program is not currently being offered.

02 November 2016

 Campus Locations and Offerings/International Campuses

Athens, Greece has been added as an international location. Information for the campus is as follows:


5 Marcus Aurelius
2 Kyristou and Lysiou Streets
Athens, Greece
GR 105 57
Ph: +011 30 210 3239908
Programs offered:

  • International Relations (MA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (MA)

Accreditation and Memberships/International Recognitions

Information for Greece has been added:

  • Greece: Webster University, through its Athens Campus, Webster Athens, has been accredited/licensed by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of the Hellenic Republic to operate in Hellas [Greece] under permit 127051/K1/01.08.2016 [Government Gazette 2585/B/22.08.2016].

18 November 2016

Services for Students/Career Planning and Development

The text in this section should read: 

The Career Planning & Development Center (CPDC) provides comprehensive career development resources for students.  The CPDC website and social media platforms continue to evolve.  Through these resources, students can find information about career planning, the labor market, resume best practices, interviewing skills and job search strategies.  Through Gorlok Career Link, Webster University’s online career management system, students can manage their job or internship search process.  Additionally, within Gorlok Career Link, students can access Going Global databases which house city and country guides.  These guides provide job search resources specific to most major metropolitan cities in the United States and currently have guides for 43 countries throughout the world.

Contact Information:
Toll Free: 800-981-9805
Phone: 314-968-6982

Course Descriptions/MNGT

A course description for WSBT 5000 was placed in this section in error. It has been removed.