College of Science and Health


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Stephanie Schroeder, Chair
  • Advanced Clinical Sciences, Martina Steed, Chair
  • Nursing, Susan McFarlan, Chair
  • Professional Counseling,  Muthoni Musangali, Chair
  • Psychology, Morgan Grotewiel, Chair

Michael R. Hulsizer, Dean

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Please refer to the Accreditations section of this catalog for specialized accreditations that may apply to programs in the College of Science and Health.

Mission Statement

Science is the foundation of our understanding of the natural and physical world that sustains us, life on our planet, and of humanity’s efforts to promote health in the body, mind, and spirit for all persons and peoples. The science and health disciplines in our college directly contribute to healthy groups, organizations, and communities across cultural contexts and within sustainable natural environments. Through interprofessional collaborations, the College of Science and Health facilitates high-impact educational and professional experiences that develop global citizens whose work promotes the advancement of science and holistic health, healing and well-being of persons and peoples, and strives toward a healthier natural world in ways that are equitable, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificates