COMM - Communication Arts


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

COMM 5199 Teaching Writing (3)

Students will study current theories and practices of teaching writing as well as review the history of rhetoric. Based on contemporary theory and classroom realities, students will practice designing writing assignments, organizing courses and activities for writing, and assessing writing. They will also experience the actual process of composing by designing a writing process project.

COMM 5210 In-Service Education (1-4)

Webster offers graduate in-service courses not part of the existing MA curricula but which provide experiences important to the academic and professional development of educators. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. The semester course lists identify specific topics. Prerequisite: Prior written approval of the MA advisor.

COMM 5270 Visual Communication (2-3)

Students learn methods by which various types of information can be interpreted and presented visually. Because today’s students can “read’’ visual messages, just as they read written messages, educators must master the elements, structure, and tools provided to develop visual materials. Creation of video activities for the classroom and mastering basic video production techniques are emphasized.

COMM 5344 Introduction to Linguistics (3)

This course provides an overview to the field of Linguistics and its many subfields. Students will gain a stronger appreciation of language and a better understanding of research concerning human language. Course content is then related to today's classrooms and the implications these theories might have on learners today.

COMM 5350 Language and Culture (3)

Culture greatly affects communication and the kind of language used in various situations. This course focuses on both the different styles of communication found across different cultures and the strategies that speakers use when communicating within their own culture. Special attention is paid to the role of Pragmatics and the use of "politeness strategies" in communication. Students will develop classroom materials that will help learners acquire the pragmatics skills they need to be successful communicators today.

COMM 5410 In-Service Topics (1-3)

In-service courses are designed to provide MA degree-seeking students with practical applications of contemporary research and methodology to improve classroom effectiveness. These courses may be approved for the MA with prior written approval of the student’s advisor. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

COMM 5820 Foundations in Reading Instruction (2-3)

The focus is on reading methods and specific techniques appropriate for emergent readers and developmental readers in elementary grades. A review of best practices in reading instruction, based on both current research and practice, informs graduate students so they can provide instruction for diverse learners at all levels. This course offers a solid background in reading instruction for students who have not had prior coursework in reading.