ENTR - Entrepreneurship


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

ENTR 5000 Entrepreneurship Process, Methods and Innovation (3)

In this course students will gain insight into how entrepreneurs start businesses or become self-employed and investigate the unique innovation mindset that often accompanies a successful venture. Through engaging lectures and hands-on projects, students will explore their start-up ideas. Students will also discover how entrepreneurship processes and methods function and use them to develop their new venture feasibility plans.

ENTR 5200 Corporate Entrepreneurship (3)

Thinking and behaving as entrepreneurs within corporations is essential for any successful career. This course portrays techniques on how to think and act like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial behaviors within corporations that offer incentives to employees to promote entrepreneurial thinking are examined. Attendees will develop a workflow understanding of how entrepreneurs think and act by conducting corporate situational analysis. The entrepreneurial mindset is explained and students will develop a corporate entrepreneurial action plan.

ENTR 5220 Arts Entrepreneurship (3)

An arts entrepreneur can be defined as an individual who develops his/her passion for the arts into an entrepreneurial or self-employment opportunity. this course builds on the imaginative mindset utilized by artists and creative thinkers to operationalize their passions. Knowledge, skill sets and abilities to effectively negotiate the common space that bridges business and the creative arts are developed. This course also provides a framework for students inventing a pathway for practicing their artistic passions as arts entrepreneurs.

ENTR 6000 Entrepreneurship Capstone (3)

The entrepreneurship capstone focuses on bringing innovative ideas to fruition within a corporation. Students engage in activities that foster entrepreneurial actions to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable corporate goals. Students conduct entrepreneurial assessments within corporations, explore corporate entrepreneurial models and develop social enterprise capabilities within corporations. Prerequisites: ENTR 5000, ENTR 5200, MNGT 5960 and NPLR 5210; or consent of the instructor or department.