FTVP - Film, Television and Video Production


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

FTVP 5310 Fundamentals of Video Cameras and Lighting (3)

Students will learn the basics of operating video equipment to enhance storytelling and as the main production concept. This course will stress the use of cameras and videography. Students will learn the basics of planning, shooting, scripting and editing in a non-linear, digital environment. Students will create a series of short video projects in the course. Prerequisite: NPRO 5000.

FTVP 5330 Digital Graphics and Motion Graphics Production (3)

This course will concentrate on visual strategies for both static and motion graphics. The course will introduce the basics of animated graphics to students. The course will emphasize traditional processes, techniques, and styles employed in creating the illusion of movement on motion media. The course will include instruction on how to create appealing graphics to present data and information. Prerequisite: NPRO 5000.

FTVP 5331 Video Editing and Webisode Creation (3)

This course will stress advanced editing techniques and the use of social media for the distribution and curation of video projects. This course will teach students techniques common to all types of video production. The class is a hands-on course in portable production and editing, giving students a basis for understanding the use of this medium to meet the needs of the modern media workplace. Prerequisite: NPRO 5000.