HCED - Healthcare Education


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

HCED 5210 Instructional Methods (3)

A variety of teaching methods are explored. Learning theories, principles of adult learning and learning objectives are examined. Use of technology in healthcare education is integrated. Students develop, implement and evaluate a lesson plan appropriate for adult learners.

HCED 5220 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3)

Curriculum design, development, and evaluation are explored. Societal, educational, ethical, research, and professional forces which affect healthcare curricula are discussed. Students design a model curriculum, program evaluation, and outcome criteria to evaluate student achievement.

HCED 5230 Teaching Practicum (3)

Course content focuses on the development of lesson plans appropriate for defined learner populations. Students design, implement, and evaluate educational plans. The role of the healthcare educator is analyzed.

HCED 6000 Healthcare Education Case Studies (3)

Students synthesize and integrate learning experiences from previous coursework through an in-depth case study addressing healthcare education issues.