HCLD - Healthcare Leadership


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

HCLD 5230 Legal Issues for Healthcare Leaders (3)

This course will examine legal issues important to healthcare leaders. Legal issues such as labor relations, employment laws, privacy laws, patient rights and risk management will be discussed. Requirements of governmental and accrediting bodies will be addressed.

HCLD 5410 Leadership in Healthcare (3)

This course will provide the student with a theoretical foundation of healthcare leadership. Professional practice models and organizational philosophies will be explored within the context of current healthcare issues. The leadership skills of negotiation, delegation, conflict management, coaching and mentoring will be applied to healthcare. The role of communication will be examined across organization systems. The effect of gender and cultural diversity on communication will be discussed.

HCLD 5420 Financial Issues for Healthcare Leaders (3)

This course is based upon financial issues important to non-financial healthcare leaders. The primary focus is on the interpretation and application of basic financial information from a departmental or a general organizational point of view. Topics will include the general goals and functions of financial decision-making, the role of money and financial markets in the economy, financial statement analysis and the budget process. The class will include healthcare leader decision making criteria based upon the mission and goals of both for-profit and non-profit corporate health care delivery organizations.

HCLD 5440 Leadership in Healthcare Practicum I (3)

The practicum course is designed to explore the role of healthcare leader in an organizational or community setting. Students collaborate with faculty and preceptors to examine the role of the healthcare leader.

HCLD 6000 Healthcare Leader Case Studies (3)

Students synthesize and integrate learning experiences from previous coursework through an in-depth case study addressing healthcare leader issues.