HUMS - Human Services


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

HUMS 5000 Foundations of Human Service (3)

This course provides the foundation for the personal and conceptual skills required for a human services professional. It introduces the historical development of the human services field, human services legislative, policy, human resource, and client management frameworks, methodology and data analysis, and the interpersonal skills necessary for a human services professional.

HUMS 5200 Social Welfare Policy (3)

This course examines national and international social welfare policy relevant to human services and the influence of political, economic, and social dynamics on policy and policymaking.

HUMS 5300 Diversity and Cultural Competence in Human Services (3)

This course explores the importance of diversity and cross-cultural understanding within human service delivery systems and the social environment. Human services values and cultural competencies are examined. A historical understanding of vulnerable populations and factors and systems that contribute to oppression and privilege will be explored. Implications for advocacy and direct service work will be addressed. 

HUMS 5800 Field Experience I (3)

This course provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a human services agency. The experience will emphasize professionalism, critical thinking, ethics, research-based practices, assessment, and evaluation of human service agencies. Prerequisites: HUMS 5000 and HUMS 5200.

HUMS 5850 Field Experience II (3)

This course provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a human services agency. This continuation of the field experience will prepare students for self-directed professional human service practice. Prerequisite: HUMS 5800.

HUMS 6000 Human Services Capstone Course (3) 

Students will synthesize the human services concepts, theories, and skills learned in the program through the presentation of a multi-faceted culminating academic and intellectual project where they: identify a problem related to the field of human services, research and evaluate the problem, and propose policy recommendations to solve the problem. Students will reflect on their own values, personalities, reaction patterns, interpersonal styles, and limitations during this process. Prerequisite: Completion of all other program requirements or special permission from student's advisor, in consultation with the department.