INTB - International Business


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

INTB 5000 International Business (3)

The student is introduced to the language and terminology of international business and major international political and economic policies that affect modern international businesses. Special attention is given to fundamental concepts of international finance, accounting, law, management and marketing.

INTB 5500 Professional Seminars (1-3)

Students participate in seminars designed to examine contemporary issues in international business. The professional seminar supplements the core and elective courses in the area of international business by focusing on issues of current and special interest. This course may not be completed by directed study. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Graduate students may apply a maximum of 3 credit hours of these seminars as electives to meet the credit-hour requirements for graduation. 

INTB 5600 International Accounting (3)

The student examines aspects of accounting operations within a multinational corporate environment. Key topics of analysis include foreign exchange exposure; translation of foreign-denominated financial statements; consolidated financial statements; transfer pricing; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; and related tax and regulatory issues. Comparison of United States and foreign practices in areas such as financial standards and reporting, auditing and performance measurements are examined. Prerequisite: BUSN 5600 or BUSN 5200, or equivalents.

INTB 5630 International Law and Business (3)

This course surveys trends and practices that are part of the process of adjudication across national boundaries. Students study the interrelationships among countries as these affect individuals and business organizations attempting to operate internationally. Course content focuses on transnational business activities.

INTB 5650 International Business Management (3)

Course content focuses on the development of management skills related to multinational business. Students examine the issues of operating in a foreign country or across national boundaries and how management theory and practice in an international setting differ from those in the United States.

INTB 5660 Global Competition and Strategies (3)

Students examine the globalization process from basic export/import modes to global consortia, and the operational and strategic requirements of businesses initiating global operations. The economics of international trade and finance, the relation of capital flows and commercial R&D to economic and productivity growth, and the influence of company allocative decisions on competitive performance are examined. Course content focuses on strategic management of global operations and strategies associated with the functions of organization, production, marketing, financial management, human resources development, R&D, communication (EDI, SQL) and control.

INTB 5680 Globalization (3)

Globalization is the process of integrating national economies, political structures and cultures into a worldwide interdependent system. This course studies the two views of this topic: globalization and anti-globalization through various arguments presented by the "globalists" and the "skeptics". The contemporary politics of globalization will be explored in terms of their impact globalization has on world markets, the insecurities of those markets and the development of business in the globalized market.

INTB 5720 International Trade and Finance (3)

Students examine the theories, policies and instruments (tariffs, quotas) of international trade and consider trade integration. Course content focuses on international trade, trade policy, the foreign exchange and balance of payments in international trade. Theories and policies of direct investment in foreign markets are considered.

INTB 5730 Regional Economic and Geographic Perspectives (3)

Students examine goals, performance criteria and policy instruments within different economic systems from the perspectives of growth, efficiency and stability. The increasing regionalization of markets through trading blocs is examined, with particular focus on marketing in the post-1992 European community.

INTB 5740 Global Topics I (1)

Selected topics and issues in international business are presented in this course. To be taken at the beginning of the program. Offered only online. Prerequisite: MAIB degree-seeking student only.

INTB 5750 Global Topics II (1)

Selected topics and issues in international business are presented in this course. Offered online only. Prerequisite: INTB 5740; MA international business degree-seeking students only; required after the completion of 21 hours. 

INTB 5760 Advanced Global Topics (1)

Selected topics and issues in international business are presented in this course. To be taken concurrently with the last course in the program. Offered online only. Prerequisite: INTB 5750; MA international business degree-seeking student only. 

INTB 5890 Issues in International Business (3)

Current and significant issues in international business are examined. Course content focuses on existing theories and practices, with emphasis given to new and emerging topics in the field. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

INTB 5910 European and United States Economic Thought (3)

The student examines and compares European and United States economic thought in the context of the transformation of Europe and the United States from agrarian and commercial economies to modern industrial states.

INTB 5920 Japanese and United States Economic Thought (3)

Course content focuses on the theories critical to Japan's emergence as an industrial state and compares the history and development of contemporary economic thought in Japan to that of the United States.

INTB 5930 Modern Europe: Economic, Political, and Business Development (3)

The student studies demographic, technical, social, political and business changes in twentieth-century Europe, with a focus on the interrelationship of these factors since 1945.

INTB 5940 Modern Asia: Economic, Political, and Business Development (3)

Students examine the integration of economic, political and business decisions in the post-World War II Asian economy and the development of the current Asian economy.

INTB 5950 Comparative Labor Movements: United States, European (3)

Course content focuses on the major economic problems growing out of the employment relationship and the approaches that United States and European industries and unions have taken in resolving them.

INTB 5960 Economic Development (3)

Students analyze modern theories of development and development policy and the relationship of these to the theories of location, trade, investment and economic planning in Third World countries.

INTB 5970 International Business Language and Culture (3)

Students study the business language and culture of a country other than the United States in order to facilitate business communication in that nation. French, German, Spanish, or Japanese may be studied.

INTB 6000 Integrated Studies in International Business (3)

The student applies the principles learned from prior international business courses to selected case studies and research, with practical solutions to typical international business problems. Prerequisite: Completion of all other required courses in this major.

INTB 9950 Travel Course-Issues in International Business (3)

Current and significant issues in international business are examined. Course content focuses on existing theories and practices, with emphasis given to new and emerging topics in the field. This course includes a mandatory short-term travel component. May be repeated for credit if content differs.