NPLR - Nonprofit Leadership


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

NPLR 5000 Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course provides an overview of the management functions relevant to nonprofit organizations, including legal structure, organizational design and behavior, communications, ethics, managing information systems, assembling and managing boards, as well as program design and implementation. The focus of the course is integration of theory and real-world application in nonprofit organizations.

NPLR 5010 Governance and Executive Leadership in Nonprofits (3)

The primary focus of this course is the need to develop a strong partnership between the Board and senior leadership in nonprofits. This course will examine contemporary governance theories for nonprofits, along with applications and case analysis of small and large nonprofit organizations. In addition, the role of the chief executive as supervisor, colleague, leader and visionary will be developed and examined. 

NPLR 5020 Essentials of Marketing and Resource Development in Nonprofits (3)

This course will provide a comprehensive survey of the fundamentals and issues of marketing and resource development in the nonprofit sector. Coursework will emphasize the skills and techniques needed to develop innovative marketing plans that promote interest in the services, clients and products which comprise the focus of nonprofit organizations and that result in an overall organizational approach to resource development.

NPLR 5210 Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship (3)

This course will provide an understanding of the specific skills, and knowledge required to lead and manage the revenue development process in today’s social enterprise organizations. Through readings, discussion, and best practices, students will identify and examine related business revenue development and funding issues and methods with a goal of becoming a self-sustaining nonprofit or social entrepreneurial organization. 

NPLR 5710 Contemporary Issues in Nonprofits (3)

Contemporary issues and trends facing today’s nonprofit and social enterprises will be discussed and examined. The course focuses on existing theories and practices, as well as on new and emerging topics relevant to the field. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

NPLR 5810 Alliances, Partnerships and Mergers Among Nonprofits (3)

This course will provide both theory and real-world applications relevant to formation of alliances, partnerships, and mergers, in nonprofit organizations in today’s “new normal” economic environment. Students will also examine the similarities and differences of alliances and mergers in the two sectors for-profit and nonprofit through readings, case studies and guest lecturers. 

NPLR 5910 Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation in Nonprofits (3)

This course focuses on the various planning, implementation, and evidence-based program evaluation processes in nonprofit organizations. Students will integrate these processes into a course project (“nonprofit implementation and assessment” plan). Prerequisites: Students must complete NPLR 5000, NPLR 5010, NPLR 5020, NPLR 5210 and BUSN 5210 prior to enrolling in this course, or with permission of the instructor.  

NPLR 6210 Integrated Studies in Nonprofit Leadership (3)

In this capstone course, the student is expected to synthesize and integrate the conceptual and theoretical knowledge and understanding acquired in the curriculum by use of live and written case study analysis, a research project, or nonprofit business plan. The emphasis is on the student’s development of written analytic material that can be utilized for program assessment as well as individual student assessment. Prerequisite: Completion of all other required courses in the major.