NPRO - New Media Production


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

NPRO 5000 New Media Tools (3)

This course will provide an overview of new and emerging media for students. As digital platforms are dynamic and in flux, the introduction of key and fundamental digital platforms may shift, however, important online and social media platforms for media projects will be introduced as part of this course. This course will explore which platforms are best for multimedia presentations on the web and in social media and introduce students to the best strategies in employing these platforms. The course will stress application of analytical thinking to the challenges posed by the modern and dynamic digital media environment.

NPRO 5100 Written Storytelling (3)

This course helps students develop several styles of scriptwriting for storytelling across platforms. The course will apply to both traditional media (radio, television, films) and also to emerging media structures (webisodes and the use of multimedia on social media platforms). Prerequisite: NPRO 5000.

NPRO 5200 Audio Storytelling (3)

In this course, students will learn to tell stories through the creation and manipulation of verbal and nonverbal audio elements. Students will create audio essays, sound portraits and audio mini-documentaries. The course combines theory and practice. Prerequisite: NPRO 5000.

NPRO 5300 Visual Storytelling (3)

This course will stress visual strategies for storytelling. The course will include static images, digital slideshows and videography. The course will cover visual strategies as techniques to creating both short-form and long-form productions. Students will learn techniques that are applicable to documentary films, photojournalism, television, and multimedia projects. Prerequisite: NPRO 5100.

NPRO 5650 Special Topics in New Media Production (3-6)

This course addresses current and significant issues in interactive media and interactive communications. The course focuses on existing theories and practices, with emphasis on new and emerging topics and technologies in this field. May be repeated once for credit if content differs, not to exceed 6 credit hours. Prerequisites: NPRO 5000 and MEDC 5600 recommended.

NPRO 5900 New Media Project Production (3)

This course will stress the research and production of stories on multimedia platforms. The student will create a series of multimedia projects in the course that are integral to a theme picked by the student with the consultation of the instructor. Students will use research techniques to improve the planning of large multimedia projects. Students will advance their knowledge of how best to use multimedia in a multiplatform digital environment while researching and producing stories. Prerequisites: NPRO 5000 and NPRO 5300.

NPRO 6000 New Media Thesis Project (6)

This course challenges the student to demonstrate a synthesis of all previous course work in the creation of a capstone project. This capstone project will demonstrate the student's mastery of various multimedia techniques. The student will research and create a written proposal for this capstone project and then produce that project during the course. The outcome for this course should be a portfolio-quality multimedia work or works that can be displayed in a multiplatform environment. Prerequisite: All other core courses in the MA must be completed and with the permission of the program facilitator.