PBRL - Public Relations


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

PBRL 5322 Public Relations (3)

This course integrates communications strategy with organizational mission statements, demonstrates stakeholder and issues management techniques and considers ethical dilemmas in public relations situations. Public relations cases are examined in order to learn effective strategic and tactical answers to public perception problems and opportunities. 

PBRL 5323 Organizational Communications (3)

This course considers the relationship of organizational mission, employee values, organizational cultures and motivation. Both formal and informal communication networks are studied as they pertain to appropriate use of media to communicate with employees or volunteers. Students examine case studies showing proactive employee information efforts. 

PBRL 5342 Writing for Public Relations (3)

This course applies public relations strategies and theories to writing for specific stakeholder audiences in a variety of complex public relations situations. Various persuasive techniques are applied to specific target audience needs, as indicated by audience analysis. Students examine professional copy and produce their own advanced public relations writing for inclusion in their portfolios. Topics include news releases, social media/viral PR, pitch letters, brochures, newsletters, blogs, websites, speechwriting and other communications forms. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322.

PBRL 5380 Strategic Communication Applications (3)

This course provides students with an understanding of how various traditional and social media communication platforms effectively deliver key messages to different targeted audiences. Tactical communication products such as news releases, social media postings, blogs, e-commerce networks, special events, video and graphic arts techniques are examined as they are applied to meeting organizational mission and strategic goals. Techniques for measuring the effectiveness of tactical applications in meeting strategic goals are examined. Prerequisite: MEDC 5000.

PBRL 5465 Crisis Management Communications (3)

A specialized function of the public relations practice is the management of crisis communications. Students in this course study the relationship of the organization and its culture to the external environment in times of crisis. Risk assessment, preparation of a crisis plan and use of appropriate media in addressing crisis communication needs are studied. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322 or PBRL 4800.

PBRL 5550 Topics in Public Relations (3)

This course offers a variety of topics to address emerging theories, practices, and applications in the field of public relations. Topics are timely and of interest to professionals currently working in or pursuing public relations-related careers. May be repeated once for credit if content differs and is appropriate for the student’s course of study. Prerequisites: May vary with the topic.